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The Hidden Truth About Self-Love That You Need To Know

Most people believe that self-love is something beautiful. It’s an ultimate goal and the end of a journey to reach our true happiness. Some people said that self-love is about being kind to ourselves, which involve the act of forgiving, being patient and ignoring what other people think about us.

It’s okay to be YOU

Recently I was able to virtually attend a focus group with my girl Lisa Thompson for, yours truly, Self Love Beauty. We discussed all.the.things. But when Lisa asked ‘what do you think other women struggle with?’ my immediate response was ‘it’s okay to be YOU’ You don’t need to be

You Are More Than a Clothing Label

A few weekends ago, my husband and I had the privilege of volunteering at the Self Love Beauty​ Teen Conference. Our job wasn’t anything too extreme, just man the SLB vendor booth. I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts of what I brought home. And one simple thing has consistently

Spring Line Launched!

Our Beautiful Me collection is clothing for women and young girls to express themselves and their journey to self-love and confidence. Our spring line is officially launched and all proceeds go back into our mission! Check it out today. 

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Abby L. Scherzer

Ambassador Program

This program offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a movement empowering others by connecting with them on a more personal, direct and inspiring level through stories and our online Beautiful Me shop. This is for adults ages 19+ up. If you are younger than 19, please consider applying for our youth ambassador program.

Meet CEO, Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is the founder of Self Love Beauty. She grew up in a small town in Michigan, where she was surrounded by fields, farms and great people. Thompson graduated from Michigan State University, with a bachelor in Communication and a specialization in Public Relations and is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania for social impact. She has more than seven year of experience in corporate communications, five years in freelance writing,  is a fitness instructor and is the Marketing lead for a non-profit called Reach Out LaFond to help a village in Haiti along with MMEDRA thats focuses on eating disorders.. She is an avid runner and is training for another marathon. Thompson’s passions include her mission work in Haiti along with empowering others to see their true beauty. She is a lover of coffee, veggies and chocolate.

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