Self Love Beauty’s mission to invest in everyone to educate them on having confidence, self-love and feel empowered.

What We Offer


The Self Love Beauty blog is filled with stories of women and men who learning to have self-love, confidence and empowerment.


The Beautiful Me collection are items to help you express your journey to self-love, help you with confidence and empower you.


Our coaches are women who want to help you become the best person you want to be. They want to help you find your passion, change your life and self-love. 


The Confident Girl podcast is stories from guest and founder Lisa Thompson about their journey to have confidence, their struggles and tips just for you.  

Ambassador Program

This program offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a movement empowering others  by connecting with them on a more personal, direct and inspiring level through stories and our online Beautiful Me shop.

Beautiful Me Campaign

This campaign is a photo shoot that showcase the different shirts from our collection to encourage and inspire women and young girls of all shapes, sizes and ages to come together to share their journey to self-love. 

Subscription Box

The Self Love Beauty box is a monthly gift to yourself! Whether you are just starting your self-love journey or on it right now, this box is exactly what you need!


Our events are a great way to get involved with us. This is through our pop-up shops, speaking engagements, workshops and more. 

Meet CEO, Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is the founder of Self Love Beauty. She grew up in a small town in Michigan, where she was surrounded by fields, farms and great people. Thompson graduated from Michigan State University, with a bachelor in Communication and a specialization in Public Relations. She now works for a fortune 500 company, is a fitness instructor and works for a non-profit called Reach Out LaFond to help a village in Haiti. She is an avid runner and is training for another marathon. Thompson’s passions include her mission work in Haiti along with empowering others to see their true beauty. She is a lover of coffee, wine, veggies and chocolate.

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