20 things every girl in her 20s need_Lisa Thompson

Your twenties fly by so fast. Think about it, what did you do in your twenties or what are you looking forward to doing. I always looking for inspiration to remind myself to make the most out of everything in life.

So here is 20 things every girl in her twenties need to do:

1. If you are dating a jerk, pack your bags.

Yes you know he is a jerk, you know you deserve better but your heart is telling you to stay for some reason maybe in the hope he will change. He might someday but do you really want to continue to be happy just because of the ‘maybe’. NO pack those bags honey and let go. It will be the hardest and best thing you ever do.

2. Move.

Move to a different state or city. You need to see the world, culture, meet new people and embrace a new opportunity.

3. Change.

If you aren’t nice make an effort to be nicer. I promise that being rude won’t get you fair in life, eventually you will burn every bridge you come across. If you are not happy, change it, stop using excuses or reasons to stay in a crappy unhappy life. If you want a new job, spend the hours looking and networking. Stop saying I want a change and sit there, sorry nothing happens when sitting on your ass..

4. Fix Relationships.

If you have a fight with your family or friend and haven’t talked in a while over an argument. Fix it because if you don’t you will regret the relationships you didn’t mend.  Sometimes you don’t need some certain relationships in your life but some are worth fixing. Sometimes we are to stubborn to to realize that the things we need are man up and fix it.

5. Ask for help.

So many of us are scared to ask for help or think we shouldn’t. I promise if you do ask for it you will get much farther in life and everyone wants to help.

6. Volunteer.

Because volunteering teaches you about yourself and it helps you understand more about the world. You get to help others and in the process grow as a person.

7. Stop being Scared.

Its simple, stop being scared of what will go wrong and figure out what will go right. If you don’t risk it you never know if it would be worth it, either way it will be worth knowing.

8. Travel.

As I said in number two to move it is also important for people to travel. There is so many memories to be made, culture to see, food to be ate and people to see. Embrace it. Take advantage of it while you can because someday you may not have the chance.

9. Fight.

Fight for what you want and where you want to be. Do not give up because it is easy fight for passion for things worth living for. I don’t say this lightly because when you finally fight for what you want in life you get to know yourself and you get to figure out what true happiness is.

10. Love.

Love others. Love life. Love your faith. Love is a word that the bible speaks about how love is patient and kind. It is is true. Love is without a doubt the most amazing feeling to be felt and to be give.

11. Self-Love.

I think this is the most important. Self love is beyond completely the hardest thing for many in our generation to understand. We live by the standards of the media and the douche bag who broke your heart instead of getting to know yourself, understanding your worth and loving every piece of your flaws.

12. Educate yourself. 

This is important. Learn. Most of us rush through college and high school just to get through to the grown up part and sometimes we lose that education and things we were suppose to learn. Learn and educate yourself as much as you can because those resources you learn now will help you in the future with making decisions and where passion lies.

13. Give.

Give your heart, give your talents, give everything you can to this world. We have to work together to make this a better life for everyone and giving is one of the best gifts you can give anyone.

14. Understand God’s gift.

We are given a gift from God. Each of us have our own talents and our own passion for the world. Figuring it out can be hard but sometimes it is easy. When you figure it out make the most of it, you were given it for a reason

15. Take your own advice.

We are all so good at giving advice but never talking our own. Next time you are in a situation, where you need advice, sit down and ask yourself what type of advice you would give someone, and then follow your own. It is the hardest thing to do but you know in your heart what to do.

16.  Laugh.

Spend time each day laughing and enjoying every piece of the day. Laughter can cure anything.

17. Fall in love.

I know I said before love but also fall in love, sometimes this is the hardest part of your twenties or the best part but it will teach you lessons and teach you how strong you really are. It helps you grow as a person, so don’t be afraid to fall.

18. Embrace Friendship.

Never take for granted the friendship in your life, the people that have been there through the ups and downs and all the memories. Sometimes we take advantage of the people that have been there all along but those are the people you should be embracing life with.

19. Face your fears.

Whatever you fear, being opinion with someone, skydiving, moving whatever it is, face it and figure it out. It may not turn out the way you wanted but it will be worth. I faced my fear of telling a guy how I felt he didnt feel the same way, it sucked but now i know how he feels and i can find someone who loves me; I faced my fear of sky diving even though i was hungover and puke after i would do it all over again. Find what scares you and push through it.

20. Spend time alone.

With our world and social media it is so easy to be connected to everything in sight. Sometimes a good paper back book, a bubble bath and wine is all you need.

Now go out there and embrace your twenties, I promise you, you can do it!