Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Growing up, I never knew what all of the craze was about the show Gossip Girl. About a year ago, I decided to see what everyone was raving about and began watching the series and I was hooked. However, it wasn’t the mysterious life of Serena van der Woodsen or the smooth and sophisticated Chuck Bass that drew my attention. No, it was the stylish and sassy Blair Waldorf. Through her ambition, confidence and struggles, I learned a lot from this upper East sider:


Be confident in who you are.

If Blair has taught us anything, it’s to have confidence. Blair was confident in who she was and never let anyone get in the way of that. Even if she was called a bitch, she owned up to who she was and man did she work it.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

If you want something, go after it and work hard for it.

Whether it was a man, a job or school, Blair always worked hard for what she wanted. She taught me that sometimes, everything isn’t always up to fate and that sometimes we have to work hard in order to achieve what we want out of life.

Don’t let what other people say affect who you are.

Gossip Girl always had something new to say about Miss. Waldorf, but she never let that bother her. Even after people talked bad about her and to her, she still proved she had what it took to come out on top. So whether it be a gossip website, a bully or a bad friend; don’t let words affect who you are.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Never turn your back on your family.

It’s no secret that Blair comes from a pretty unconventional family, with a mother that focuses solely on her career and a father that left her mother for another man. But even though she doesn’t have the most ideal family life, Blair still loves her parents and makes a family a priority in her life. After all, you can’t choose your family.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Sometimes, the best relationships come from the most unconventional places.

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Need I say more? Their relationship shows that sometimes planning maniacal schemes together can spark the greatest love. You never know where your relationship will grow from, each person has their own story.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Never, EVER, settle.

Blair always strived for the best everything and she proved that when it comes to men, it’s not any different. Blair taught me that a woman shouldn’t settle for just any guy, but they should have a guy that would do, literally, anything for you.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Sometimes a little retail therapy can help a whole lot.

As much as I wish that I could afford the places Blair Waldorf shops at, I do have to agree that sometime shopping really does make you feel better, even if it is for a short period of time. Sometimes when you have too much on your mind, shopping is a way to take your mind off of it for a little bit. And really, who doesn’t get happy when they get a new pair of shoes?

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

When guys fail, your girls always have your back.

Whatever went on in Blair’s life, Serena was always there to have her back and be a shoulder to cry on. Blair and Serena were each other’s number one support system through all of their life and boy drama. Boys come and go, but your girl friends will always be there for you.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty


Although Blair and Chuck are such a great couple, there was a period in the show where they were not together and broke up. Even though it was heart-breaking Blair proved how strong she was and that she was fine on her own, without a man in her life. Blair taught me that it truly is okay to be alone sometimes and that you don’t need a man to define who you are.

Blair Waldorf Self Love Beauty

Life’s short, have fun. 

Whatever Blair was doing, she always had fun while doing it. She showed that it’s okay to let loose a little bit when life gets crazy. Blair lived her life to the fullest and took advantage of every moment she lived. Through all the drama and hardships, Blair always had fun.


By Contributor Writer: Kara Weightman