Prince Charming Self Love Beauty

I could go on for days reciting all of the ‘he better treat me like a princess’,  ‘where is my prince charming’  or ‘relationship goals’ posts I see on social media everyday.  It is unsettling to see our generation’s ideals of love and commitment to be determined by what everyone is retweeting on twitter or sharing on Facebook.

You’re telling me that a kind gesture nowadays is that you are his #WCW on Instagram? Where did our originality go? Where did the love for John Cuzak or Judd Nelson go? How did we succumb to such lack of creativity? As these questions remain unanswered I will stay positive that in hopes one day I will not have to tell my daughter that a man putting you on Instagram is NOT the sweetest gesture out there.

Ladies, you are not a princess. Why would you want to be treated like one either?  Why are we setting ourselves up for failure in relationships by creating these incredibly high standards? Create your standards with yourself in mind. If you’re expecting a guy to surprise you with Tiffany & Co. and a bouquet of roses twice a month, make sure to ask yourself if you are going to put the same amount of effort in as well. Don’t expect a guy to read your mind, they don’t have special powers, you actually have to express your standards and talk about it. The biggest struggle in today’s relationships is the incapability to hold a conversation. I remember when we had to use landlines with no caller ID and your heart would race every time it rang because it might just be him. Don’t let today’s age of technology hinder you from showing someone how incredibly great you truly are. Pick up the phone so he can hear your laugh, sense when you’re smiling and tell when something is wrong. Even though we all know you’ll say, “I’m fine” we all not that is not true.


If you’re searching for your Prince Charming you’re going to be searching for forever. You are setting every guy up for failure when you have these unrealistic/Hollywood-invoked expectations. While you’re retweeting every tweet that “relationship goals” put on social media today, he is still trying to translate whatever the hell “Moscato” means in English. Give him slack Lord knows he’s trying. The guy you should be trying to find isn’t the one who will do everything you ask and trying to please you every second of every hour. The guy you should be looking for is someone who changes your perspective, makes you question things, and someone who can mark a before and after in your life. He will be an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second. Don’t fluff off the nice guy who was courageous enough to walk up to you and give you his number. That takes a lot of guts for him to throw himself out there knowing full well he could be rejected in a second. Give him a chance; you never know whom you will find in the midst of everyday life. While you’re drooling over the guy with perfectly sculpted biceps who is infatuated with his reflection, there’s someone else appreciating your laugh right around the corner.

Did I find my Prince? No, I found my Brad. So ladies instead of searching for your knight in shinning armor whilst wearing your non-existent crown, try looking for the ordinary man who appreciates you for being you.

By Contributor Writer: Alexis Kingsbury