Written By Contributor Writer Gabriella Hoffman 

With 23 million views on YouTube, the “Slap Her” Children’s Reaction video is causing quite the discussion in its attempt to take a stand against domestic violence. The video features, a group of Italian boys ages, 7 to 11 interacting with a young girl. The efforts to end domestic violence have no geographic or age limits across the world. The video is shown with subtitles however the message is strongly perceived even with the language barrier.

The expressions on the boys faces, says it all. Smiles and giggles as they interact with a “cute” girl of the oppose sex. The narrator prompts the boys to explain what they think is pretty about this girl, answering almost without hesitation; boys proceed through the narrator’s questions.

Then they are prompted to “slap her”, pauses in dialogue and changes in emotions quickly shift in the young boys as they begin to shake their heads and saying ‘No’. The boys responded with various quotes including,  “I am not going to do that!” “’Cause she’s a girl, I can’t do that.” “Because you’re not supposed to hit girls!” “Girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower.”

Following the reactions of the boys, the screen reads, “In the kids’ world, women don’t get hit.” The horrifying effects of domestic violence are seen all throughout the world and impacts people of every age. It is imperative that these beliefs against domestic violence begin at a young age; this is exactly why I believe this video portrayed the proper message in a memorable manner. Also the video keeps its lighthearted manner, when following the command to “slap her” comes a command from the narrator “kiss her” this was an effective way to conclude the video. Young minds like the children in this video are ingrained to learn from society and live by what they witness in everyday life. This video campaign shows the true reactions of young boys as they are prompted to “slap her”. The expressions prove that the boys know that it is not acceptable which is something to be valued in today’s society.

It is interesting to think about how it changes overtime, how young boys know it is not okay to hit a girl however as they grow older some do think it is okay. As a society we should become just as the young boys are in the video. We should follow by just saying no.

If you know of anyone that has any domestic violence act being done upon them please contact the domestic violence hotline.