Girl Boss Self Love Beauty

Many of us have had leaders that are men but sometimes we are lucky enough to have extremely hardcore #girlboss. I have had a couple and each one have made an impact on my life. She pushes you to your fullest and makes you work even harder to get through obstacles. However, even though there are days where you just can’t take it anymore, you begin to appreciate everything she has taught you and her  steps to get to where she is. My particular experience, has shaped to me to be the person I am today. There are many reasons why we need to look up to these women and change the negative image of women in the work force.


We’ve all had them: bosses who track your every move, critique your work and push you to the brink of insanity. She’s power-hungry, motivated and will take down any obstacle in her way.

The truth is, we tend to have a negative image of the women who are our superiors in the workplace.

We talk about her with our friends and complain because she’s not happy with something that wasn’t done “her” way. But, like any successful woman, there’s a rhyme and reason behind her success we should all respect.

Here are five reasons why you should look up to your boss, even though you don’t necessarily like her:

1. She didn’t get to where she is by taking people’s crap.

While you might not always enjoy her excessive attention to detail, snarky comments or over-the-shoulder screen reading, you know she didn’t get to where she is by being everyone’s friend.

The truth is, it takes a lot of smarts to move up in your career. There will always be people telling you don’t do this, do that, you’re not good enough…blah, blah, blah.

She’s done her time, yes. But she hasn’t let anyone stop her from reaching the top.

2. You say you hate her, but you really just want to be her.

You picture her working late into the night, feet on the desk, with only one lamp on and a cigarette in her hand as she screams demands into the phone.

Difficult bosses can be difficult people to like, but let’s be honest: You would love to be in her heels. She struts into the office every day, oozing confidence and smelling like that really expensive perfume you can’t afford.

You tell people how much you hate her and how mean she is, but really, you just want to be bossing around a bunch of people too. You may not like her, but you respect her.

Damn! You can’t wait to be her.

3. She relies on no man or woman for anything.

Realistically, the only person she relies on is you, to get her coffee in the morning.

The beauty about her situation is she gets to call the shots. She makes her own money, has an amazing career and an expensive condo, and can do whatever she wants.

You picture her husband as a stay-at-home dad, and even though you don’t have kids, you know you want one of those. We call her a workaholic and the devil, but realistically, we crave to have her approval and look forward to her advice.

4. She’s sexy on a whole new scale.

She may or may not look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but her confidence and success is hotter than those D-cups will ever be.

Men look at her in awe and women look at her with envy. You sit in a boardroom with her for five minutes and find yourself wondering if she runs her bedroom like she runs her meetings: aggressive, intense and to-the-point.

5. She puts Disney princesses to shame.

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies, wanting to be Belle or Cinderella. We pictured a handsome prince sweeping us off our feet and living happily ever after.

Your boss hates those movies and has created her own “happily ever after” with a good pension and secure investments. She’s inspired you to start catching up on world news instead of watching rom-coms and trolling Tinder.

The moral of this story is, she’s the boss because she’s earned it. And you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor in your career by taking a few of these life lessons from her when she offers them (on the way to get her coffee, of course).

Credit: Elite Daily