Strong Self Love Beauty

In the art of thanksgiving being in the month of November, I have asked all my contributor writers to take part in sharing what they are #thankful for the most to help them get where they are now. So expect some great stories to come out of us regarding the hashtags #thankful. So make sure to follow them.

The month of November has been a reflection month for me. I have felt many different emotions some of guilt, fear but also some of the tears of joy and happiness that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

I can honestly say I would not be who I am today without the strong women that surround my life. The path to follow your dreams is never easy, with every aspect of my life I have people telling me I can’t do it, I’ll never get to follow my dreams. I have had people tell me I would never get into the company I am with now, I would never grow my blog, I would never lose my weight because I was big boned and I was doomed in many areas of my life.

BUT I have multiple women who I continue to become close to. I learned from their experiences, they have given me advice, they have made me laugh and they have taught me what true love is. Today and always I am thankful to these women. You never realize the impact people make on your life until you look back and thank god everyday they are part of your life.

Reasons why I am thankful for these women:

Their Strength

Their Loyalty

Not Giving Up

Keeping Your Promises

Moving Pass the Haters

Believing in Others

Believing in Yourself

Being Beautiful Inside and Out

Sharing Love