bucket list self love beauty

I turned 26 in 2016. There are many things I want to accomplish before I become a year older. Also it gives me a reason to accomplish 26 things before I turned 26.

26 to me doesn’t mean I am “old” just means I have the opportunity to continue to reach more goals and become a stronger person. I have been working on my goals every year. I set them and try to accomplish them, some maybe small and some maybe big but to me they are important. Since I turned 25, I have put together a list of things I want to accomplish and with only four more months until I turn 26, I have still have things to accomplish. I figured I would share with everyone because we each have dreams and goals of our own.

  1. Pitch a new idea to my boss

  2. Do 1,000 crunches a week

  3. Buy a stranger a meal

  4. Capture photos of God’s beauty

  5. Go to my first ski resort

  6. Try a church other than my domination

  7. Write a card to a friend each month

  8. Run a marathon

  9. Try swimming

  10. Sponsor a kid in a third world country

  11. Redesign my blog

  12. Apply for my small business ID

  13. Try hot yoga

  14. Plan a medical mission trip

  15. Try a barre class

  16. Do something that scares

  17. Collaborate with other businesses to advertise Self Love Beauty

  18. Stop my nervous habit of biting my nails

  19. Visit the hometown dive bar 

  20. Sign up for my first blogging conference

  21. Stand up for someone else

  22. Go hiking

  23. Do Mission Work in Haiti 

  24. Apologize to someone I did wrong

  25. Buy a camera and start taking more professional photos

  26. Collaborate with four bloggers

I have crossed off what I have already accomplished and will continue to share my stories. I have a lot of dreams. Some that may seem bigger than others but at the end of the day that are dreams. I cannot wait use this list to get out of my comfort zone and work toward accomplishing more on my life.