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I was blessed with probably the best girl friends around. I have some that live down the road from me, in the county next to me or states away. I stay in touch with many girls and have had the opportunity to be part of many of their important moments in life. I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything. Between talking about boys, eating ice cream, watching chick flicks, vent sessions, shopping opportunities and the moments of tears and joy.

Even though I have the best girl friends anyone could want, I am also blessed with the best guy friends around. That is a fact. Since I was in grade schools, I became interested in sports, playing in the dirt and watching football. I was always found on the soccer field during recess trying to remind the guys that girls can play too. Grade school was just the start of being one of the guys, as in seventh grade, I was the only girl invited to an all boys birthday party to dances going with my guy friends or the nights of my junior year having all the boys over every Saturday for movie night, brownies and catching up.

College brought me even closer to a few guys including one of them listening to me as I got my heart broken for the first time and daily phone calls to make sure I was okay, then the drunk evenings where me and my roommate needed a way home they would take us back and get us pizza and we would stay up all night. Eventually I took the mom role of making sure they were okay just as much as they made sure I was. Memories like these are some I always look back and laugh about.

As I have gotten older, I have continued to grow relationships with many amazing men. I am now in my professional career and have become close to a few guys that have come along my path. As much as they torture me with ruining dates for me and the daily jokes, they have taught me things that none of my girls friends ever would be able to.

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What I want in a boyfriend

They have taught me what I want in someone in the future, what I can handle, what type of qualities I want that person to hold and how I never want to settle for less. I always thought I knew what I wanted but as I have grown and met more men that became my friends, I learned so much. They have taught me that I can have all of what I want and never to settle for anything less.

That laughter is the best medicine for any situation

One thing is for certain, my guy friends have taught me how to laugh in any situation handed to me. I have always heard the saying laughter is the best medicine but it really is. They have taught me to laugh through the tears, find the sarcasm in all the craziness and to make the most out of the situations. I envy many of them as they are able to shrug so many things off and have a great time. Regardless how they may be feeling, they make the most out of everything.

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Every guy is an ass**** at some point

Every guy has their asshole moments. Period. There is really no other way to explain that because they have them. You may think your sweet kind guy won’t ever be like that, he will. They all have their moments just like we have our moments of being a bitch.

They have no idea what they are doing either

It is true ladies. I promise you. They are trying to navigate life just as much as we are. They seem to have it more figured out then us but it is also that they just handle situations differently than we do. I hope you are all reading this with a sign of relief that they are trying to figure it out just as much as we are.

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That men have huge hearts

I would be the worst person if I didn’t say under all those asshole moves, the asshole comments and the craziness they cause, they have huge hearts. From letting me cry in their arms over a lost love, to  listening to me about my struggles, to walking us girls home at night to helping those in need they do it!

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They always do what they want

It is the truth. They are so good at making sure they put what they do first. I know many women find this selfish and in some instances it is but it is also something we should follow in. They are always striving to do their best and they are willing to put that stuff first to make the next step. We should always do the same too.

They always have your back

I will be the first to say, I have had my guy friends ruin me getting a drink from a guy for the evening or that phone number. They have stopped me from being the girl that gets hit on or the girl that gets asked out. However, I would never trade them for the world. They have had my back since day one and I will always be grateful for that. Many of us go through a lot of different things and I have always had them be there for me and stand up for me when needed.

Guys have periods too but know how to handle them

Men have a way of being able to use “its her time of the month” whenever we get angry or in a weird mood, however men are just as bad. I promise they have mood swings too, however I learned very fast how to deal with them. Girls always want to fix the problem and over communicate when a guy is being moody however sometimes the best thing to do is just let them be moody and leave them alone… you have other things to do anyways so just wait for it to past.


I am all about women helping women and women focusing on loving themselves, so that is why having men in your life that can teach you so much is important. Through every experience, I see so much good in everything these men have taught me.