#Loveyourselffirst, is easier said than done. I am the first to understand that, but it is so incredible important. The cliche thing everyone hears or says is: How can we expect to ever feel the love if we aren’t even giving it to ourselves? As we all roll our eyes to this question, because we know deep down inside that it is correct. We must be our biggest cheerleaders and the positive energy will be contagious and radiant on to those women around you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, love becomes a buzzword and those who are single dread the concept. But let’s begin to bring the love to ourselves first; the concept of Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be hated.

Here are six things you can do to change your own concept of Valentine’s Day and how to love yourself more:

  1. Notice how much love you are giving yourself: If not enough make the change

  2. Check in with yourself: Make sure you are taking care of yourself more

  3. Show off your personality: Never forget to show others who you are

  4. Every time you find yourself comparing to others, remember what you have accomplished

  5. Be creative: We each were born with different traits, all creative, take the time to love that about yourself

  6. Accept new challenges: Never say no to new challenges, it helps you grow 

These are just some actions to start noticing and mimic to create a better sense of self-love. Celebrate the gorgeous self that you are, this February and every day.

As Webster Dictionary has stated, one form of love can be defined as:

“Unselfish {loyal} and benevolent concern for the good of {another}. Make that another: you. Loyalty: a feeling of strong support for someone or something. Create love and loyalty within you, spread the love and loyalty; you have the power to define love for yourself first.”

Personally, since I have moved to Chicago, I have been exposed to the concept of Galentines. I will take part in my first Galentines celebration the weekend after Valentine’s Day, (that way all the red and pink candy will be half off). The purpose of Galentines, as stated on the invite:

“Bring a themed bottle of wine and help us celebrate our fabulous circle of awesome, inspiring women; its Galentines season.”

This to me seems like an ideal way to develop self-love with women who lift each other higher and celebrate friendship. Being silly and celebrate the month of love with cheese, wine, pink & red sweaters and I even hear some sparkle crafts will be included, cause what girl doesn’t like a little silly sparkle.

The beautiful thing about self-love is that you have the power to define it.

Whether is it a girls gathering celebrating friendship, practicing meditating methods, plan to run a marathon or releasing your inner kid, with a grownup coloring book; make it all about you. The goal for February: create your own definition of self-love and #loveyourselffirst

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