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8 Things We Wish Our Best Friend Believed About Herself

In life, everyone will always have those friends that come and go. You leave some behind as you grow up and you continue to make new ones as your adventure continues.

However, throughout our life we will have that one friend that has been there for a long time. She is your best friend.

Remember all those nights you stayed up talking to your best friend? She answered the 2 am drunken phone call from you, even when she had to work a 12 hour shift the next day. Remember the time when tears were streaming down your face from heartbreak? She came over with ice cream, wine and listened all night long to you. Or, remember the time you were angry at someone else and you took it out on her? Instead of getting mad at you, she just let you take it out on her.

Our best friends are fighters, amazing and strong-willed women. They have given us many memories, been there through the good and bad and have went out of their way for us on many occasions. One thing is for certain; our best friends never seem to see what they have to offer the world. They do not see how beautiful inside and out they are.

 Here are 8 things we wish our best friend believed about themselves:

1. They are a role model.

We have always looked up to them. They are such a role model in fighting for what they want. Their passion for following their dreams has helped us continue to follow ours.

2. They have a beauty that is unique.

We know our best friends don’t see their uniqueness. However, it brings out a certain type of beauty, a beauty that is their own and makes them the person that they are. It is the little things, like their big blue eyes, the freckles they try to cover up or the stretch marks on their body.

3. They are beautiful inside and out.

They are so beautiful in the way they treat others, in the ways they do things for us and their kindness to anyone who crosses their path. Not only for what is inside, but also for how their beauty radiates in any situation they go through.

4. Their awkward moments make them who they are.

We are all awkward and we know our best friends do not see that we love them for making memories with us in any awkward situation handed to them. They make us laugh because we know how they handle these moments make them who they are.

5. They are a teacher.

We know they don’t see it but they are a teacher in the ways they treat others, in the way they give us advice and how every time we talk to them we learn something new.

6. They are going to make a great mother.

We know they are not ready to be a mother. However, when they are, they are going to be amazing at it. They are the friend that is nurturing and always puts others in front of their own needs.

7. They are enough.

We know they are under a lot of pressure with either school, work or life, however, we want them to remember in the moments of self-doubt that they are enough to those around them. They should always be enough to themselves.

8. Some man is going to be lucky to have them.

Yes, we said it. Someday, through all the heartbreak, terrible dates and tears streaming down their eyes from guys, they are going to find the one that loves them. This guy will love all of their uniqueness, their awkward moments, their kindness and compassion and will help better their life.

We all need to take a moment to tell our best friend what she has to offer. Each woman has their own skills, beauty and uniqueness and sometimes we need a reminder.


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Lisa Thompson is Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Self Love Beauty and host of 'The Confident Podcast'. She is an established confidence and self-love workshop leader and keynote speaker. She received a Bachelors in Arts in Communications and Public Relations from Michigan State University, degree in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania, certified in Positive Psychology and Creating Wellbeing, certified in Fundraising and Philanthropy from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University and trained in mindfulness from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Currently, she sits on the MiHIA Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) steering team to build resilience in adults and children in Michigan, Great Lakes Bay Mental Health Partnership and a Rotary member. Her mission is to use her gifts, strengths and talents in speaking and writing to connect with people and empower them to love themselves, get unstuck and take personal action for self-improvements. She resides in Michigan, loves to run, sip on Americanos and has a dog named Denver.