How to Have a Personal Meltdown and Still Get your Work Done

That’s my advice. 

Sometimes, do not try to muscle through the pain.  Do not try to fake-it-til-you-make-it.  Do not suck it up.  When something tragic happens in your life causing you to totally [emotionally, physically, or otherwise] collapse, you need to take the advice of the flight attendant and do your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else with theirs.

Your clients, vendors, customers, employees, bosses and others who rely on you will understand.  Reschedule to a time when you’ll be more effective.  Don’t abandon your responsibilities, just adjourn and DO reschedule – you need a deadline to the temporary indulgence and you will probably need to be “forced” back into forward momentum.

Noone Needs Negative Energy 

My theory is that each tragedy comes with a finite quantity of negative energy.  If we release all of that negative energy as intensely as necessary by attending to it and honoring ourselves by respecting its power as soon as it begins to manifest in our physical or emotional condition, then I truly believe the negativity will dissipate sooner with much less damage to our surroundings than it could do if we try to ignore it.

I’m not suggesting you wallow in misery (well okay, you can wallow for a while, but please for the love of Pete, do not go more than a couple days without taking a shower or changing your clothes no matter how awful you feel – it’s just not healthy).  But feel all the feels, go through the grief stages, talk it out, run it out, sweat it out, scream it out, binge drink (safely in a responsible amount in the sanctity of your own home after ensuring you have no access to car keys), and sleep.  Respond to the needs of your body, mind and soul in the ways your intuition suggests.  Listen to the quietude within.  Connect with your past.  Indulge in all the memories of your beloved pet, parent, child, significant other, bestie by obsessing over all the photos and drunk texting all the old friends you love but haven’t talked to in a long time making sure they know how much you love and appreciate them.  Mourn. Grieve. Ache. Celebrate.  Eat Cheerios for dinner.

You Are More Important; It is Okay

Just don’t go to work.  It makes those around you feel bad when you’re that far off your game.  No one is proud of you for showing up when you’re not really able to Show Up.  Take care of you.  Others can wait.