By Guest blogger Catherine Lommen

The other day as I was cleaning out my room, strewn with all the junk I had brought back when returning from college and a ridiculous amount of clothes, I came across an old diary. It was one of those diaries with the cute little locks used to prevent nosy parents from discovering one’s deepest, darkest secrets. Flipping through the journal, I came across a plethora of doodles until I found a short note to myself. I was questioning my weight at the age of 9 years old. Nine! I thought I was too heavy for my age and was apparently disappointed and unsatisfied with myself. I was shocked.

Now, I can assure you this isn’t the only time I have felt that way about myself, but I had failed to realize how long I had been buying into my flaws. I realize that to this day I consistently am telling my friends and family that I “look like a hobo” or “my hair looks like a lion’s mane.” While the degrees of this “self-hatred” vary, it is self-hatred and self-deprecation nonetheless. Over time, I have grown much less self-conscious about myself but I believe everyone could use a reminder to love them selves, myself included. It seems we are always seeking acceptance and love from others when the reality is we are failing to accept and love ourselves. Therefore, I have made a promise to myself—a promise to love myself unconditionally, to love myself for who I am and what I am not.

Dear Me,

You are beautiful. Every single inch of you is perfectly crafted. That huge pimple on your left cheek is just a part of your skin; it does not take away from all of the beauty you contain. You are not your physicality or your outer appearance. If people judge you for your outer appearance, they aren’t the people you should be surrounding yourself with. They don’t deserve you. You deserve the world and so much more. Though society will continue to judge you for how big your thighs are or how clear your skin is, know that those who are truly worth it will love you for your actions, kind words, and selflessness. Love is blind. Your physical appearance or the bad grade you received on that final last week does not define you or represent your self worth.

Just as you have beautiful blue eyes you are also athletically challenged. That’s OK, it is just a part of you, neither good nor bad. I want you to realize that you should never question your worth when you see your reflection in the mirror. Question your worth when you are helping a friend through a difficult time or standing up for what you believe in. You are strong, courageous, intelligent, and kind. Fill your heart with love and respect for others; just as you should not judge yourself for these so-called “flaws,” do not judge others for their own “flaws.” Let your light shine bright and go out into the world fearlessly. I promise to love myself through and through, to love myself for who I am and what I am not.



Whether you are a boy or girl, young or old, I challenge you to make a promise to yourself too. Promise to love yourself for the beauty within. We could use a little more positivity in this world.

About Guest Blogger: Catherine Lommen is 19 years old and a sophomore in college. From St. Louis, Missouri, Catherine has a passion for writing and hopes to incorporate this into her future career as she pursues a major in Marketing. She believes that all women should love themselves unconditionally.