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This morning I woke up to news that Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift via snapshat. Yes this was the news that I woke up to, sadly. The New York post covered it, Elite Daily covered it and the list goes on… Not the child that was killed from malnutrition or the police officers that were killed this weekend or even the many people that are doing great in this world…not this is the news and as I sit at my laptop writing this my Facebook continues to fill with more and more stories about this…

Did we just forget about Jennifer Aniston’s article she wrote? Or what just happened in America?

Truthfully the whole story of Taylor Swift and Kim West I still had no idea what was really going on until I asked one of my friends to explain it.

Then after I heard what the fight was about, I got angry….

You want to know why? Because people are hurting in this world. Not only that but we as society are working on a women movement… we are trying to get equal pay, empower each other and continue to grow as women and Kim and Taylor and everyone involved is doing the exact opposite.

Women are working so hard to empower each other instead of bring each other down. Not to back stab, not to make drama and not to be rude to others.

I am fed up as Jennifer Aniston said it in her article. I work so hard to empower women, so does other women I know and many brands out there like Dove, Always and Secret.  West always says to the media how she hates how people have talked about her and her body, she wants to be loved for who she is but then and goes does something like. Do you remember what that felt like? Have you ever thought of having that conversation with Taylor in person?

What are we doing?

Have any of these women, thought about the effect they have on society. You are famous, yes you chose this path and you knew what came with it, so use your voice for the good. We need you, the girl in 6th grade needs you, the teenager getting bullied needs you, I need you and so does my friends. We need you to be the voice to millions about how to empower each other, not tear each other down. No wonder the media has a field day with this because we are continuing to take sides and fight instead of moving forward, to use things for the better.

I am extremely disappointed, because the work that so many women do to empower each other is now taking two steps back because of a snap chat story. And who cares if Taylor lied or not….people make mistakes…what should matter in society is the little girls that need us, the people doing good and how we need to stand together.

Taylor and Kim and all the people taking sides, don’t twitter about it, instead… go do something good.

 “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi