Self Love Confidence Self Love Beauty

Confidence: belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance:

You know that girl that walks into a room and every turns their heads? She may not have it all but she does have something that some people want.. Confidence.

There is no mistake that ‘Confidence is Beautiful.’ Having confidence in yourself can lead to so many other things. When you believe in yourself it shines and you accomplish many more things. Not only that but the people around you believe you and give you what you truly desire.

So want a little confidence to help with your lack right now? Here are 7 tips to help you!:

Find The People That Make you comfortable:

Think about it, we are all ourselves more when we are surrounded by the people that we feel comfortable around. When you need to get a boost of energy and more self-love surround yourself with the people that will bring that out in you. Go out there, talk to people and have some fun! It is critical for you be around these people to succeed in your goals. They want the best for you and will help you succeed. My best friend visited Dana Coberly and had some surgery to increase her confidence, it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her! I’m so happy she did it!

Stop Comparing Yourself To others:

Seriously stop right now. You were not born to be her and she was not born to be you. Embrace it. Be happy that you get to be you. Own it and show the world what you can bring. The behavior you have on yourself is definitely perceived to others.

Take a Chill Pill.

Take a break. Breath. You deserve it. Treat yourself to the small wins and big wins. Chill. Sometimes when you have time to reflect you see how far you have come and how far you want to go.

Face Your Fears and Failures.

Face it we all have fears but sometimes you have to build off of what you fear. Use it to build self-confidence. This goes with failures as well. Realize your mistakes and own them. Don’t crawl into a hole and avoid risk.

Find Your Style.

We are all different, you have different ways, show it off. Be different. Find things that fit you, that show your figure and your confidence. Everyone has different bodies, find what makes you sparkle.


Smile is worth a million words and confidence is portrayed through facial expressions sometimes. Your smile, turns into a positive attitude which leads to more.

Write it all Down.

Have you ever thought of all the qualities you have? Write them down. Read them. Read them again. Now celebrate your strengths, love them and continue to improve on them. Accept compliments but more importantly compliment yourself.

Now find that inner self-love and go do these things! Self-love and confidence is beautiful.