I find great strength and power in waking up early to start my day. I have found many benefits to rising before the sun.

  1. Witnessing the sunrise, every morning. There is a true beauty in a fresh sunrise, especially during the fall season. Those sunrise that I look at and think wow God really created that for the world to admire this morning. In this moment I am reminded to draw closer to him by saying a prayer on the way to work.
  2. Your workout is complete before most hit the snooze button. I would kidding myself if I said waking up at 4:40 am was enjoyable every single morning, but goodness that feeling at 6:10 am when the workout is complete, is sure a great feeling. The morning work out was something I trained myself to do and it is still hard after doing it for nearly 3 years now. Each night I have my workout clothes laying next to my toothbrush, so I don’t forget to brush my teeth. And in case you are wondering, I have considered sleeping in my work out clothes from time to time. I feel strong all day long and I have my evenings free for other plans.
  3. Less traffic in the morning, when some are still in their bathrobes. Cruising on the way to work with no traffic, looking at the sunrise is a beautiful thing. Getting up early, leaving the house early makes for more time to enjoy coffee at your desk while you check up on social media. A simple pleasure of my day.
  4. Shorter lines at Starbucks, once again beating those who are in their bath robes. This was experienced first hand while living in Chicago; the length of those Starbuck’s lines can throw off your entire morning so why not get there before others do.
  5. A chance to look over your to-do list and strategize your daily plan of attack. Having the time to breathe, drink coffee and look over my to-do list for the day, eases my mind tremendously, especially with starting a new job. The day gets hectic, multiple meetings, continuous emails and those long-term projects we all work on when time permits; so having that to-do list is so important and can set you up for success beginning at sunrise.
  6. Chat with those who are on the same schedule as you. Two people in particular that wake up early, my grandma and my dear friend and founder of Self Love Beauty, Lisa. You would be surprised how much productive work gets done when Lisa and I get going around 6 am. Many times we find ourselves chatting on multiple platforms, texting and/or Facebook massager as we are drying our hair or making our smoothies. This time is to be cherished and provides us time to catch up with each other and not have to take up valuable at work time between eight and five, when we are both conquering our own sizable to-do lists. And my Grandma, she has always been an early riser, I always know I can call her when I am awake and just need some to talk to. Once again cherished time.

So feel the strength of rising early and admiring the sunrise, your workday will thank you. There is always Saturday and Sunday to sleep in.

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