A Narrative of Becoming Comfortable as an In Between Size.

I was recently asked to be part of the #InBetweenSizes photo shoot and it was an absolute blessing. There I was, with seven other women standing in athletic shorts and a sports bra and I realized it didn’t matter.

Why? Because we are all healthy and gorgeous women. We laughed together as Self Love Beauty Founder, Lisa Thompson wrote our sizes on our stomach. Most of us were meeting for the first time that night, yet something so simple brought us all together. I have built relationships with these women, through this experience, and I am very happy to call them friends. We were all our in between sizes and proud of it. Being “in between sizes” generated friendship and to that I thankLisa Thompson.

This campaign was about how women in sixes 4-12 normally are not portrayed in advertisements and how it needs to change. Not only was I was able to model for this campaign; I contributed significantly to the promotion efforts of this campaign and continue to do so. It has been incredible to watch the social media engagement that came with the launch of the campaign. This demonstrates the effectiveness and relatable so many women had to being #InBetweenSizes.

I define #inbetweensizes, as those sizes and body types that are misrepresented in the media. We all know the Victoria’s Secret model type or the plus sizes model size, but what about everything and every shape in between. It is also so important to remember that over the years of coming to love my in between size, I realized that being a size zero is not something I should strive for. I love my in between size and it’s me. I am never going to be a size zero, no matter how much I work out or watch what I eat, and that is completely fine.

Furthermore, I think the hardest thing for me to become comfortable with was my in between size 4, in a bikini, which is just about the most reveling article of clothing I will ever wear. This past summer I documented that moment and shared it on social media to raise awareness for the #SLBConfident mission.

I am in between size proud.

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