Women are perceived as gentle, fragile beings that need a strong man to protect them. However, these days, bullies are popping up at every corner and women are taking their stand. So, if you feel like an independent woman, you need to know a few moves in order to protect yourself from the potential bullies. The best way to do so is by exploring the world of martial arts; but that doesn’t necessarily mean devoting your entire life to one martial art. Rather, you can take up simple self-defense courses or learn a few tricks on your own. Want to learn more about the world of martial arts? Just click here to discover how using a heavy bag as part of your training can help you to master your punching skills.


A martial artist will never advise you to be violent and fight any chance you get. Rather, every school will teach you to think about your actions and avoid conflict. The key is in mindfulness and considering your surroundings. Firstly, to prevent an attack, be careful where you go or park your car. Avoid dark alleys and poorly lit parking lots, because that is where all the trouble hides. Secondly, if you do get attacked, you should try to talk down a person from making a move or try and flee the scene. Lastly, if there is no way to stop the attacker, the best strategy is to give them what they want, like your purse or wallet and avoiding putting yourself in danger. However, some of us ladies don’t like being dominated and this when some self-defense moves will come in handy. After reading this Comprehensive Review of Boberg Pistol, you may want to consider the benefits of carrying a firearm to protect yourself should you be confronted by someone wishing you harm.

Learning the Moves

Some ladies think that martial arts are all about kicking and punching your opponent, but they are much more than that. Also, some believe that those kicks and punches in a mix with a bit of scratching and biting will suffice to defend themselves, but this only works in some rare situations. Martial arts will teach you how to kick and punch efficiently, and how to properly assess the situation and react in the right way. Additionally, martial artists will insist on being mindful and always aware of the people around you and your own position. Without, that there would be more damage than desirable. There are various videos and tutorials that can help you learn some moves, but it is best to enroll in a martial art class. There are various schools and studios around your town, from kickboxing to Kung Fu, and each practitioner of martial arts in Sydney will be more than happy to help a lady out.

Hit Vulnerable Areas

In any school, you will be taught to act fast with least energy possible. In order to achieve this, you will have to hit the small areas that are vulnerable the most. So, ladies, if he can’t see you he can’t hurt you, right? Go for the eyes; use your fingers or knuckles to gouge, poke or scratch the attacker’s eyes, or alternatively you could look at products you can find on websites like Guardian Self Defense and others. There can be many self-defense products available that can make you feel much safer when out in public. As for focusing on the eyes, this will cause plenty of pain and give you the chance to escape. Another weak area is the nose. This is perfect place for attack if the attacker is right in front of you. Use heal of your palm to hit them. However, strike from the bottom up and push his nose upwards. Use the entire weight of your body when performing the punch and you will cause a lot of pain and have a window to escape. Besides these areas, you can also punch his neck with the side of your palm, or kick the attacker in the knee or shin. However, another weak area that causes a lot of pain is the crotch, so if the attacker is too close for any other punches, a knee in the crouch will do the trick.

There are simple moves help you defend yourself, but in some situations, that might not be enough. That is why there are plenty of martial arts schools which help you master some more complex techniques and you will be safe wherever you go.