Be thankful for everything, not just what is ‘good’

Another Thanksgiving is upon us! Before you chow down with friends, dodge relationship questions from relatives or head to the gym to preemptively burn extra calories, take a few moments to get into the grateful spirit of this holiday.

You may have your list of standard ‘Things to be Thankful For In (insert current year here)’ ready for the going over, but challenge yourself this year by contemplating this list of unusual blessings in disguise.

1. Challenges

When was the last time a day passed by when you didn’t meet a challenge? You probably can’t remember because no matter how big or small, we face challenges daily. Without these challenges though how would we ever build character? Challenges teach us through struggle, what we are made of and we are each made of greatness.

What challenges presented themselves to you this year? Maybe you felt like you would never overcome the struggles of a new job or letting go of the past or sticking to a budget, but you survived this far, right?

2. Regrets

We all have regrets. We have all made mistakes. Be thankful for the experience and the lesson. Also be thankful for the regrets based on not taking that chance or a risk.

Learn from them, let them go and be thankful for the experience and the person you have become despite of any regrets.

3. Disappointments

Ugh, how can we be thankful while being disappointed? Take a minute to assess why you’re disappointed first. Is it because of something petty that doesn’t matter or something that is real? Are you upset because your Starbucks order isn’t perfect, or disappointed because you were passed over for a promotion you have been busting ass for?

Let your disappointment go and remember there are bigger things in your life going on to spend your energy on. Be thankful your life is going well enough that you can afford to be disappointed by the little things like being served a latte instead of a mocha.

4. Failures

Failed; who hasn’t? Instead of beating yourself up about this one realize that failing can be a lesson or a blessing. In the moment, yes failure is the worst, but it gives you the opportunity to learn if you let it.

It’s alright if you failed this year, maybe a couple times, maybe the whole year seemed like a failure (it wasn’t, but it is ok to feel that way.) Every rejection, failure, and ‘no’ is one more moment you are closer to success and achievement, which is something to be thankful for.

5. Fear

Fear can be an amazing motivator, it can also be crippling. Some of the best decisions I have made have been motivated by fear and only turned out well because I confronted what scared me. Gathering the strength to challenge the fear of rejection, failure and everything in between wasn’t easy but I’m thankful I did.

What fear did you face this year that you are thankful for facing head on?

Along with the traditional items for giving thanks, be thankful for the unexpected experiences in life because they are just as much a part of life as what we think we have planned.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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