Maybe it’s a first date, maybe it’s the date that will decide if this is going somewhere or not, either way there are a few things you should never put up with on a date and here are a few:

1. Your Date is Rude

Has anyone ever told you that watching how someone treats wait staff is a good indicator of their personality? It’s true. I have been on countless business lunches with hundreds of people and it is the quickest way to see if someone is kind or kind of rude.

2. Your Date Is Not Genuine

Hopefully you are at point in your life where you can tell when someone is over embellishing the truth, telling you what they think you want to hear, or just flat out lying to you. If your date is trying to impress you are all costs, call them out on it. Maybe they are just nervous and need some reassurance, maybe they just don’t know how to connect on a real level, figure it out ASAP.

3. Your Date Is Inattentive

For some reason, dating has turned into a battle of who can out ‘not care’ the other person. Some people play games, and love it, which is scary. Dating isn’t a game and if the person you are out with is playing the aloof, act like they don’t care, act like they aren’t interested types of games, get out while you can. If you are telling them a story about how you broke your ankle in 8th grade they should be paying attention. They should have also put some effort into trying to impress you. This could be anything from dressing nicely, applying something similar to this True Pheromones perfume, or simply engaging with you when you talk. If they can’t put the effort into a date, how can you expect them to put effort into a relationship?

4. Your Date has an Out of Control Ego

We have all been around someone that can barely get through a doorway due to the inflation of their ego. Luckily they are easy to spot and easy to get rid of, most of the time. If listening to someone talk about themselves for a couple hours, you don’t have to! Politely tell your date that you aren’t interested in a one sided conversation or a one sided relationship and leave.

5. Your Date Makes Unwanted Advances

Everyone has their own personal space bubble, you have the right to tell anyone to get out of your bubble. And this is not something you ever have to be polite about. Be firm and clear about what is unacceptable for you if your date is pressuring you or making you feel uncomfortable about your physical boundaries. If they respect that, wonderful, if not, explain why you are leaving and leave.

Dating is not a game…

Dating can be challenging whether it is a first date with someone or someone you have been seeing for a while. What makes it even more of a challenge is not sticking up for yourself and not putting up with crap from unsuitable suitors. Take a minute before your next date and figure out what is acceptable and unacceptable and don’t be afraid to explain your needs.

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