To the person that has always been there, thank you and happy birthday.

I was blessed in my life to be surrounding by empowering women and always women that weren’t empowering. I say blessed to have both because it taught me the difference. Like most girls, we sometimes try to fit in with all different crowds, want to be accepted, etc. but sometimes that leads us down the road that isn’t meant for us. We sometimes forget about the people that have been there since day one and have loved us through all the hardship.

So today I want to celebrate the women that have always been there. 

“The women who are there through the ups and downs, the good and bad, the funny and sad, those are the women we should be celebrating every day.”

Today is my best friend’s birthday. So what better way to celebrate her and other empowering women then to explain all the aspect behind this celebration.

You see, sometimes life is really really good and sometimes life is really really bad. Sometimes self-love comes super easy while other days it is really hard. 

I talk a lot about self-love and the different aspects of it, including one on Friends & Family. My best friend has impacted my life in more ways than one and finding people like that in society today is really hard.

So what do women like this do to receive such a celebration and honor?: 


  • Let you vent for hours about absolutely nothing
  • Hold you has you cried about something like losing your dog, family member, break up or just a really hard [yes all have happened to me]
  • Not judged you when you called them about making another bad decision
  • Is the person that drags you out of self-doubt and believes in you when you need it most
  • Is the person that held you after your break up, even when you told yourself you didn’t need it or wasn’t going to cry [yes I am crying writing this]
  • Drags you out of unhappiness when no-one else was watching
  • Is your sister, a partner, your plus one, a mother figure, a roommate, and sometimes the one person you want to avoid because disappointing them is really hard
  • Is the one that you think [WW_S – What Would [insert name] Say] before we make that same mistake again 
  • Is the truth teller even when you don’t want to hear it
  • Is the protector
  • Is your travel buddy
  • Is the most selfless & intelligent person you have ever met
  • Is the one that you talk about with such pride because you are so proud of her
  • Above all, she is the one person that through your good, ugly and hard times she has never left your side [again crying!]

Without this women in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to make it through self-doubt, mistakes, screw ups, or disasters like we have. She’s the phone call to remind you its going to be okay when sometime it isn’t going to be, she’s the one that drops it all to make anything you need her to and she’s well your person. 

No friendship comes without good and bad. There are more times than not we fight like sisters but also the sisterhood bond is what keeps us so close. 

This person is my Chelsea, so to all the Chelseas in the world, thank you for enduring all the life ups and downs with us. It is friendship like this that continues to help us through all self-doubt, confidence issues, etc moments. 

Happy Birthday my intelligent and beautiful best friend.