We live in a society that is very focused on the outer appearance. We watch TV shows, scroll through Instagram and every time we do this, we have a chance to see photos of people at their prime. We then compare success, looks, sizes, fame, friends and relationships. We also seem to do this with those around us.

Recently I was out with a few girls and we all spoke about our insecurities. We chatted on different works out we do, different things we pick on about our bodies and the constant need to feel as though we have to continue to look a certain way. We all shared that sometimes the focus is so much on the way someone looks and therefore we try to live up to some standard (which is there really one?).

I sat back and listened and I thought a little about everything everyone was saying. I realize sometimes in society we become so focused on the outer appearance that we believe outer appearance actually important.

We forget that people are NOT friends with us for the size of our pants or shirts. We are friends with them because of their personality and what they bring to our lives.

I asked my friends if they knew how much each of their friends weighed? What size of pants they wore? How much money they each made? They each shared that they did not know that information on every friend.

Then I asked, if you did know this would it change the way you thought of them or their friendship? The answer was no.

We are friends with people because they ‘get’ us, they have caring hearts, they have radiant skills and passions that make them unique.

I share this because no I am not friends with people because of the size on your jeans and people are not friends with me because of my size on the jeans so lets stop focusing on that.

Let’s focus on being healthy, learning to love ourselves, to choosing to be kind and loving to all and being there for others. That is really what want people want in friends. We don’t care about the brand of clothes you wear, how much money you make or what sizes of pants you wear. Your friends and family love you for who you are.

So take that and go be yourself. The world is waiting for you to shine your light so bright.

And if you moments where you start comparing your body to others, remember a caring heart is more beautiful than anything.

Photo credit: Cathleen Louisgnau