Recently, I made the decision that it was time to end the negative relationships in my life. While easy to say looking in the mirror, the conflict it has created in my mind is another whole story. My poor husband has been dealing with a rather mopey wife since I made the decision because of the internal struggle that I am facing. Distancing yourself from family and friends can be painful, sad, and unknowing, but in the end I know it will be the right decision. Because…

Family should not make you feel bad for who you are or what you believe.
Friends should not make you feel bad for challenging yourself and improving yourself.

Family should not point out your flaws regularly and tear you down.
Friends should not give you the cold shoulder simply because they are not happy within their own lives.

So, for 2019 I am focusing on the happy people in my life. Those that lift me up as much as themselves. Here is my action plan, because well, I need an action plan for everything:

  • Distance myself from the negative people or as Jon Gordon refers to them, the “Energy Vampires”. This includes both social settings, as well as social media. Check those privacy settings!
  • Don’t be rude to them, as that will bring me down to their level. Be polite when in their presence. If the distance is brought up, be truthful.
  • Remind myself daily – a mantra if you will – that “someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” Thank you Rachel Hollis. I will say this in the mirror every morning.
  • Reach out to those that inspire me. Sip my coffee during conversation, be present and experience the happiness of others.
  • Share my own happiness through gratitude journaling, blogging, and a little photography for that visual reminder.

Five steps – should be easy peasy…right? So I have done my fair share of reading on this topic if you could not already tell. Jon Gordon, Rachel Hollis, and oh yeah The Happiness Advantage. But what I have not done is put it into action like I should. Hoping that the five step process above will lead to a very happy 2019.

If you are looking to head down this quest with me, check out a few books that I recommend. Anything by Jon Gordon, specifically “The Energy Bus”, “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, and “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor.

Guest Blogger Rebekah Hornak is currently the Director of Instructional Services at the Saginaw Intermediate School District and has been with the SISD since 2014. Prior to her role at the SISD she held the position of K-12 Curriculum Director and Middle School Principal at Freeland Community Schools. In addition, she spent three years as the Durand High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director. As part of her current role as the Director of Instructional Services, Rebekah Hornak is responsible for a wide variety of programs that impacts various demographics throughout the county. Her department oversees the Great Lakes Bay Early College, Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center, and the Holy Cross McGivney School for foster youth. Her personal goal is to empower every educator in the county one step at a time. Rebekah holds a Bachelor Degree from Central Michigan University in History and English with an emphasis in secondary teaching and a Master Degree from Central Michigan University in School Principalship. After all the professional jargon, Rebekah is a mother to Miles, a spunky three year old and a farming wife to her hubby, Nick. Together with their dog, Liddy, the farm, swim, and ride tractors.