Have you ever had people in your life make you feel less than and doubt your ability to accomplish your goals and dreams? Yeah, me too… too many times to count! So why is it that we let others steal our confidence and let their opinions take up space in our minds, rent free?

For me, it’s because for a long time, I wasn’t secure in myself. I was unhealthy, overweight, suffered from depression and anxiety, and struggled with infertility and loss. I didn’t believe in myself or that I had any real worth, because each day was a struggle.

I had a college degree that wasn’t taking me anywhere, and in my nearly 10 years of working in one health care organization, I didn’t feel respected or valued there. I didn’t feel like anyone else thought I was capable of achieving more. I had worked in a few departments, alongside many people, supervisors and executives and proved my work ethic, skill set and loyalty time and time again. Yet, I wasn’t getting any offers or any phone calls back regarding other job applications I had put in. Talk about a confidence killer!

One position that I did get an interview for, resulted in a male-led panel interview that led to a lot of harassment and belittling. More time was spent pointing out what I didn’t know, versus the experience I DID have and the qualities that WOULD make me a good fit. I felt completed embarrassed and defeated when I left. I actually cried when I got back to my office and decided that I couldn’t wait to get out of the organization for good. I felt like I’d never break through the sexist barriers or get past the “good ole boys club” to be able to move on or grow in my career. Even after I reported this awful experience to my own supervisors, I felt failed by them because nothing was done to rectify the wrongdoing and no one advocated for me or lifted me up to believe that I was worthy of the job or another one equivalent to it. I felt so hurt.

Luckily, I had been on a journey to healing in my own health and I had been helping others do the same on the side for about a year, when I started to see some potential in that “side gig.” I had been growing a great circle of people around me because of my health journey, who were lifting me up every day, and a really supportive husband at home. I started to see that I COULD positively impact others and make a difference in the world… it was literally happening in front of my own eyes! I did eventually move on to another position in that health organization, but knew it wasn’t where I wanted to stay long term. The new job only lasted a little over 6 months before I heard some special words from my mentors and my husband that helped me see that I WAS capable, worthy, and deserving of happiness. I had been leaning into that and into my faith when I made the leap to come home full-time to help others and follow my dreams. I also found Self Love Beauty around that time and have been inspired ever since!

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows as a self-employed person, but it has been a worthwhile path. Surrounding myself with good people who lift me up, removing the people and things that don’t support me, and learning my worth through my own journey, have helped me grow in confidence, overcome obstacles, and be a lot more fearless in becoming the best version of me. I am brave, worthy, loved, and capable of achieving anything I desire. Lisa Thompson and Self Love Beauty have played a huge part in my journey by being leading examples in self love and confidence. The women who represent Self Love Beauty come from all walks of life, display courage in so many ways, and have overcome so many challenges… that alone is a great push for me to keep going! Next stop – building a strong local community of support for women and getting my Master’s degree!

If I could say anything to anyone else experiencing similar issues, it would be to keep believing and striving for more. Don’t settle and never give up on what you know you want. Find your own tribe that DOES support you, love them hard, and get rid of anything that doesn’t support you and your goals. We are ALL capable of growing in confidence and writing the next chapters of our stories. You can too.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -A.A. Milne

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