My joy matters the most to me, that is what needs love, self-care, exercise, laughter and sleep. I am a people pleaser to a fault and more times than not it gets the best of me. For years, I have strived to make everyone happy, avoid conflict and do impose stress on myself just to keep peace. It was only in the past couple of months I realized this, it was becoming hurtful to my relationships, my self-esteem. It affects how I communicate with those I love and causes great and caused self inflicted stress, that bottles up inside. I needed to realize it was not my responsibility to please everyone or make everyone happy. People must find that on their own. Also I realized how I can partner with those I love to work alongside them as they make themselves happy and fulfilled and I must work alongside them as a partner, not as their leader.

Recently during a church sermon I learn the difference between joy and happiness.
Happiness- lucky or favored by fortune, versus joy- outlook of favor, an outlook on life of joy. Joy is long term, fulfilling and an outlook on all aspects of your life. Joy takes trust in the uncertainty and unknown cause it long term and long lasting, but worth it that is the beautiful part.

I know now, joy is what is most important in MY life, learning to let go of what does not bring me joy, things that draw me away or take my time are not important. It is not responsibility to give joy to those around me. Joy for myself is most important.

Contributor Writer Gabriella Hoffman has a seven year history with Self Love Beauty, which has brought her leadership experience, confidence, writing experience and lifelong friends. She is a God loving, passionate 27 year old, living out dreams in her hometown of Saginaw, MI. Nine to five you can find her in corporate sales, changing lives and working hard to make an impact. You can also find her drinking Starbucks, working out or watching the Food Network. She wants to leave you with a reminder to be your best beautiful self!

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