Happy four year anniversary to Self Love Beauty as a nonprofit and in September we will be ten years as an entity.

Imagine a road bumpy with some smooth paths, then bumpy again, then smooth again – that is how the last four years have been.

Last year I really highlighted how we are small but mighty, our growth, and shared so much gratitude. A year later many things are still true – but change has truly happened.

Since becoming a nonprofit we have….

  • Impacted more than 3,000 directly people through our programs
  • Impacted more than 52,000 people through our yearly Affirmation Day
  • Saw people grow in confidence, self-love, limiting beliefs, mindful listening, self-care and finding their purpose.
  • We have watched individuals grow tremendously and had a front row seat in seeing them become a better version of themselves. Even able to watch families as a unit grow

We have done much much more but these are just some highlights!

“We were overjoyed at how many students wanted to participate in Affirmation Day activities. The students not only had fun with it, but they were also excited to personalize and hand out positive affirmations. They have already asked if this is an annual event. It served as a great reminder to students the powerful affects kind words can have.” – Teacher during Affirmation Day

In this year alone…

  • We gained ten new partners this year to grow our impact even more
  • Impacted 1,220 individuals directly through our programs
  • Watched individuals grow 87% in confidence from our programs (wow!)
  • Even saw some groups grow 60-87% in limiting beliefs, self-esteem, mental wellbeing and more.
  • Hired 4 more individuals to our staff
  • Have around 50 ambassadors and volunteers
  • Added new board members and advisors to help us further our mission.
  • Heard stories of impact that continued to help us grow
  • Held our first golf outing and annual fundraiser
  • We grew right along side our clients and we loved watching them shine

“The students were very engaged and seemed to enjoy the workshop. I spoke with many of them afterward, and I feel it helped to build a bond between them. I think every young woman should have the opportunity to participate in the workshop; I wish I would have brought my 16-year-old daughter!” – Partner

Thank you

With four years under our belt a big thank you goes out to our board members, advisors, funders/donors, partners, volunteers, ambassadors, sponsors, employees and supporters. Each person has played a HUGE role in our grow… from counting inventory, to making calls, to setting up meetings, to reviewing items and more. I am excited for our next years to come as we role out our 2023-2025 strategic plan (stay tuned) and see opportunities to continue to grow. We have big goals but we cannot do them alone. So thank you so much to everyone who has supported us!

We are also excited to announce we are growing! We are adding another additional to our team and applications are open right now. Click here to apply to become our Director of Fund Development!

Cheers to four years and much gratitude,

Lisa Thompson, Founder of Self Love Beauty