The Self Love Beauty ambassador program offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a movement empowering women by connecting with them on a more personal, direct and inspiring level through stories and our online Beautiful Me shop.

We are looking for dedicated ambassadors who share the same mission as we do and have a passion for self-love, confidence, strength and empowerment. We would like help motivating and encouraging other women to find how to become their best selves and share their journeys through our Beautiful Me campaign.

This role is not restricted to a specific age, gender, education level or background. Beauty comes in all forms and we want to share that message to everyone in any way we can.

How to become an ambassador:

Are you known to go out of your way to uplift those close to you, or even those you don’t know? Do you love clothing and feel like you could model some great outfits from our products? Do you find yourself using social media as a platform to spread love and positivity? Do you get inspired seeing those around you grow into the best versions of themselves?

Maybe this doesn’t sound like you… But would you like it to? Self Love Beauty is in search of people with an ability and passion for empowering women/people of all ages to have self-love and confidence. A successful ambassador is ready to showcase our Beautiful Me shop clothing and is enthusiastic, organized and motivated.

To be considered, click here to fill out our application. Qualified candidates will hear back shortly after applying.

Benefits for YOU:

  • Receive your own personal discount code on our products. This discount is exclusively yours and is not permitted for shared use
  • Receive another discount code to share with your followers and friends on social media. Every time they use this code, you receive commission or free items depending on revenue
  • Opportunity to progress and be more closely involved with our mission and followers
  • Exercise and strengthen leadership skills
  • Be a part of the Self Love Beauty Ambassadors group – who set the standard for ambassadors of the future
  • Chance to work closely with Founder, Lisa Thompson on ideas, promotions and more!
  • The first to know about new products, new campaigns and new programs coming to Self Love Beauty
  • Expand your personal and professional network of driven, confident and empowered women/people
  • Someone out there needs you right now! Make your voice heard; spreading the message of self-love and positivity will change lives!


  • Post at least 3 pieces of content every month wearing clothing from the Beautiful Me collection.
  • Help spread the word of new videos, programs, products and campaigns.
  • Must follow Self Love Beauty on social media platforms.
  • Share the same mission as Self Love Beauty and encourage women to share their story and get involved to promote self-love and confidence.
  • Maintain positivity and motivation. Share encouragement, support, and ideas with other ambassadors who we will help you connect with.
  • Offer feedback and ideas to Founder, Lisa Thompson
  • Take part in group discussion in our Facebook group

For additional questions contact us at This is United States based only.