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Turning Two: Same mission but bigger impact

Today Self Love Beauty (SLB) turns two as a 501(c)(3) status nonprofit organization. Yes, if you have been following for us for years, we will be eight in September as an entity but there is something powerful and magically about turning two as a nonprofit this year. You see change

Confidence is a motivator of behavior in people

Our nonprofit, Self Love Beauty, is built off of educating, investing and impacting individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence. These two strong and powerful words have finally come to the surface because our society is finally starting to talk about them.  However, when I started SLB back in

Supporting Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

The world is in the middle of a pandemic. All of us are facing changes and uncertainties in our lives. Mental health rates are on the rise. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed please remember you are not alone and there are so many resources out there to support you. I am using this time as an opportunity to improve myself. I will continue to grow in my self love journey and will see the positive of living during a world pandemic. I challenge you to do the same.

How Affirmations Impacted My Life in a Positive Way

I am confident. I am strong. I am capable. I am brave. I am self-loving. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am kind. I am worthy. I am faithful. I am smart. I am community…..and the list goes on. Today is Self Love Beauty’s second annual Affirmation Day and

Turning 30 During COVID-19: Lessons I learned

Yesterday I turned 30… yes in quarantine, something I will never forget. If you would have asked me a few months ago how I was suppose to spend my birthday it was a girls weekend in Grand Rapids where I would run the Gazelle Girls half-marathon to celebrate, then a

How to not practice ’emotional distance’ during a social distancing time

Hi everyone! It has been a minute since I have blogged and we all know I love blogging however the words just have been all over the map for me lately. Lately, they are coming to me after a run or 11:30pm at night when I need to go to

The books were stacked for me

I didn’t know I had to buy books. As a first-generation college student, I was unaware of higher education’s hidden necessities and fees. Without a safety net and with a slim wallet, I had to acquire the books I needed by scouring the library or buying one at a time

Trust in Joy.

My joy matters the most to me, that is what needs love, self-care, exercise, laughter and sleep. I am a people pleaser to a fault and more times than not it gets the best of me. For years, I have strived to make everyone happy, avoid conflict and do impose

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I was born and raised in an extremely small and rural community. Both of my parents were teachers. My mom is an elementary teacher at the only school in the school district and was my Kindergarten and First Grade teacher. My dad taught middle school and high school at my