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Sit With It

In today’s busy world filled with continuous noise, we often find ourselves consumed by a swirl of content around us; scrolling through social media while watching TV at the same time, absorbing small fragments of information.

In the midst of all of this content overload, we don’t really allow ourselves time to sit with our feelings – our emotions that sometimes bubble up. These feelings can often be the root and indicator of so much in our life at any given moment, and yet are often ignored due to the lack of time spent on them.

Seasons change and so do we

If the seasons can change without asking permission, so can you.

In a world as intimate as ours; we often think about the reaction of those around us before our own well-being. Time and time again I find myself thinking, “Will doing this make me seem cool? Will they like me if I don’t agree with them? Does this outfit look trendy?”

Validating our presence and place in this world is natural – and to do this we use the opinions, words, and actions of others.

4 Years of Impact: Self Love Beauty Celebrates an Anniversary

Happy four year anniversary to Self Love Beauty as a nonprofit and in September we will be ten years as an entity. Imagine a road bumpy with some smooth paths, then bumpy again, then smooth again – that is how the last four years have been. Last year I really

Practicing Self-love on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to remember that the best kind of love is self-love. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate all kinds of love – self-love included.

Reflection of 2021 and Plans for 2022

Where do I even begin? 2021 was a tremendous year for Self Love Beauty and we are honored to have helped so many individuals grow in their confidence, self-love, wellbeing and support. To start, we ask that you join us in our movement! Recap of what we accomplished in 2021:

My Last Year of College During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic started the last few months of my junior year of college. Just like everyone else, I was not prepared for the changes it made to my daily life. One of the biggest things I worried about was how it would affect my ability to complete my last year and graduate.

Winning the battle against self-doubt

Self-doubt is scary. Sometimes when I’m working on a project, I start to question my abilities. There are times where it only takes me a second, before I go back and remember to get my confidence back.

What Is Confidence? How I’m Learning To Believe In Myself

What exactly is confidence? I still don’t really know the answer, but to me, a part of it is allowing yourself to make mistakes, learn, and be easy on yourself.

Confidence Through Fear

“Mom, this is way more than I can handle,” I confessed. And she gifted me the best advice I’ve maybe ever gotten, “Sweetie, your comfort zone is a safe place, but nothing ever grows there.”