The Self Love Beauty blog is filled with stories of women and men who learning to have self-love, confidence and empowerment. These posts remind each of us that we are not alone in our journey to finding self-love. 

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365 Days of Growth

It’s been 365 days since Self Love Beauty took another turn to become a nonprofit. It was 365 days ago, where I was getting the mail after teaching a fitness class to see a letter from the State of Michigan. With hands shaking, I knew this was either my approval

Confident Woman Rising

Surrounding myself with others who believed in me, building strong relationships with the people most like the person I wanted to become, and passing along that positivity and kindness to those around me. Learning that my story has power and can help others heal and grow is such an important way of empowering yourself and others too.

Pause – The Present We Give Ourselves

I have a colleague that regularly introduces me as being able to accomplish more in 24 hours than he can in a week. I kind of like hearing it to be honest. But is that what I want my priority to be?

To The Person Who Loves You More Than Yourself

How could you see the best in me when I couldn’t see it myself?

Why Your 20s Are About Discovering Your Self-Worth

Throughout our teenage years, we have expectations from family, teachers, and other authoritative figures in our lives. We figure out which expectations we will adhere to and which ones we will move against.

Stop Judging Others and Start LOVING Yourself

Loving yourself helps you to love other people.

The Beauty Within Starts With You

Beauty starts from within. If you don’t believe you’re beautiful, and you continuously bring yourself down, how do you expect others to fall in love with you? Before you allow others to see how beautiful you are, you have to acknowledge that within yourself. At one point in my life,

We Should Pay Attention to What U by Kotex is Doing

Women all over the country have a hard time accessing feminine products and two organizations have come together to try and change that: Alliance for Period Supplies and U by Kotex. Their donation campaign is called: With U, She Can. “One in four women struggles to access period products. Together

My body decided to take a day off

Yes you read the title right. My body decided I needed to take a break. I didn’t plan it, it wasn’t written in my to-do list for the day and it definitely made me mad but I didn’t have a choice. When your body tells you to slow down you

Being Present

Hey Self Love Beauty followers, it has been a minute since I have sat down to write. I have had so much to say but every time I put my hands on the key board, the running a business, being a good friend, boss, trying to stay healthy/fit and more