I am a Midland Native, born and raised. I am a yoga instructor, aesthetician, dance teacher, foodie and a lover of life. I love to give back and help others feel amazing too. Self love hasn’t always come easy or at all to me, but I decided not too long ago that no matter what i will get up every day and remind the world why I am worth it, and I want to help others realize their worth and self love too. I want every person on this earth to know that they are loved and they ARE love and they can share it with the world as well!

“Self Love Beauty has been very enriching for my life, I have met some very strong empowering women and community leaders. I have found a group that no matter what they are out to inspire and help those that are lacking in a time of need. Self love has been so important to me, finding that while lacking this in myself i could not achieve or reach a goal that meant the world to me. SLB has brought that confidence back to my life!” – Brianne WIlson