Donate to Self Love Beauty

Self Love Beauty is a 501(c) non-profit organization and we appreciate all the donations we receive. These donations comprise a notable portion of our revenue and your contribution helps us in our mission to educate everyone on self-love, confidence and feeling empowered. Each program, experience or event we provide is done with thought, passion and care. We appreciate your help to make each opportunity possible.

How YOU can make an IMPACT

Donate Online

With your investment, you will help SLB educate and impact individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence: 

  • $35 = Sends a family to one of our family programs
  • $40  = Sends someone (youth, teen or adult) to our 4-hour program 
  • $40  = Sends a teen to our annual Teen Conference
  • $65 = Sends a women to our 2020 Women’s conference this fall 

Donate Directly to Programs

Join The Giving Club! It allows Self Love Beauty’s donors the opportunity to voice which programs their investments support. By making a donation, you are investing in three programs as a club a year! It is a recurring of once a month or three times a year! 


Donate By Mail

To donate by mail, make checks out to “Self Love Beauty,” and mail to:

Self Love Beauty
2916 Abbott Road 
Midland, MI 48642

Donate Supplies

Wishlist items can be purchased directly from our Amazon page, or you can drop off items from the list below on an ongoing basis. If you do use Amazon and if interested, scroll down to the Section “Shop for a Cause” and click on the link under AmazonSmile

Items we are usually looking for: Craft supplies (wooden picture frames, stickers, scissors, poster boards), workshop supplies (pens, markers, paper), folders and more!


Shop for a Cause

Kroger Giving Back

Self Love Beauty is part of Kroger’s Community Rewards Program®. Register your Kroger rewards card by listing Self Love Beauty as a Community Awards recipient at their website using our organization name and number.

Organization Name: Self Love Beauty
Organization Number: UE235 


By shopping through Amazon, .5% of your eligible AmazonSmile purchase will be donated to Self Love Beauty. 

Note:  Purchases made through the mobile application do not go to the charity. Therefore, you need to use the web browser and the web address for the donation to occur.