About the Empowerment Curriculum

The Self Love Beauty Empowerment Curriculum is a fun, engaging and educational 5 day program for girls ages 9-12! 

Our empowerment curriculum focuses on the development of a positive sense of self, a sense of connection and commitment to others, and the development of the abilities and motivation to succeed in school and participate fully in family and community life. We partner with top female experts to speak on the following topics and lead activities, including:

  • Strength: identify character strengths and self-defense seminar
  • Glow: exploring high and low self-esteem and yoga/mindfulness activities
  • Image: discover your personal style and confidence including a style design contest
  • Tribe: defining a good friend and how to be a good friend with a challenge course
  • Empower: exploring social justice issues concluding with a volunteer project

This curriculum is filled with easy to follow, step by step, interactive lessons designed for five full days of learning. It is filled with everything you need to get started including the curriculum, project details, guest speaker needs, pre-post survey and more!


  • To support the growth and empowerment of women and girls 

  • Provide opportunities for young girls reach development outcomes and have meaningful roles in society

  • Help create support and sisterhood

  • Create a safe environment where girls can connect, be themselves and celebrate their strengths and skills express 

  • Provide parents of these girls with resources to manage health, self-image, bullying and more

  • Increase a positive sense of self-love

  • Decrease low-esteem and bullying within society 

Your Purchases come with SUPPORT!

  • With your purchase of this curriculum you will receive a one hour one-on-one with the Self Love Beauty staff to run through the curriculum with you and ask any questions
  • A lifetime of upgrades to the curriculum for FREE!

Additional Opportunities:

  • Our team can help provide you with grant writing, marketing/communications content, training and staffing for an additional cost! This will be covered in your one-on-one with purchase.

“When we support the growth and empowerment of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone!”