My name is Erica. I just graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with my Bachelors in Health Science. I plan to continue my education to become a registered dietitian. I am big into fitness and anything outdoors. I am always up for an adventure and trying new things. One day I hope to travel the world. I am so excited to continue to be a positive influence to others and inspire them to be confident, beautiful, and learn to love this crazy roller coaster called life.

“I really didn’t know much about Self Love Beauty until recently. One of my friend’s mom had personally messaged me explaining what the company is, does, and how it inspires other people. She encouraged me to submit an application because she was sure I would be a perfect fit when she found one of my Facebook posts to be inspiring to her. Within the past year or so I have found the confidence and self-love for myself that has given me such a great mindset and I just hope to help others find that within themselves because everyone deserves to feel happy in their own skin.” -Erica Crawford