Jaime is a certified health coach and a lover of health and the outdoors. She lives in Midland, MI with her husband Mike and dog, Winston. She enjoys travel, cooking, hiking, reading, being active in her community and also loves coffee, wine, and veggies. She founded a women’s social community, Fill Up Your Cup, in December 2018. Her mission is to help other women in her area get connected to one another and build genuine relationships, friendships, and support networks, over a simple cup of coffee.

“Self Love Beauty came at a time when I was in need of building my own confidence and self-love. SLB gave me a supportive community, the resources, and the encouragement to believe that I can achieve my dreams and become the best version of myself. Thanks to Self Love Beauty and Lisa’s encouragement, I have taken the leap to build a social community for women and to dream bigger than ever before. I can look in the mirror now and believe that I am confident, strong and empowered — things I never thought of myself before spending time with such an amazing group of women who are pursuing their goals every day.” -Jaime Krueger