My name is Jen and I am a happy wife to the love of my life and proud dog mom to a miniature Australian Shepherd, Ari! I am blessed to be able to work at my church home as the administrative assistant, and serve throughout the week with our youth group. I am excited to see what else God has in store for me and my family as time goes on.

Self love beauty has really opened the door in my life to reach out and connect to other people who have dealt with not feeling worthy, poor self image, and depression. It’s been a blessing to have a group of people that I can reach out to on social media (or in person) that I can just talk to.

It’s easy to not feel loved when you don’t always love yourself, but this community, this organization loves you and genuinely cares about you no matter what you’re going through. There is always someone who will reach out and lift you up when you feel hopeless, and then when other people need it, it’s nice to be able to return the favor because it is such an open and loving community of people.

That’s what’s impacted me the most about self love beauty; the willingness of everyone to encourage one another with genuine hearts. I finally feel like I have a group of people who will help me overcome any obstacle in life.