Rise to Confidence Submission Form

Self Love Beauty is starting a new campaign called #RiseToConfidence that will be launching in August and we want YOU to share your story. This campaign is for women to anonymously share their stories of losing confidence and feeling down because of others in their lives and how they rose above it (for example something that may have happened in the workforce, with friends, etc). This story will showcase how you took a bad experience and turned it into something good by growing yourself and helping others. In this form, please share your story about gaining confidence back after another woman failed to empower you. Who was this female to you? How did she fail to empower you? How did you rise above it? How did you get your confidence back? What advice would you give to someone who may be having the same experience? Once you submit your story, we will review it and make any edits if they are needed. All we want is for you to share your experience and how you gained confidence from it. Your message will be shared throughout our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & our blog) to inspire women to know their worth and be self-assured in every aspect of their lives! Your story will be impacting so many women to know their self-worth and be empowered! Remember, you will be protected and completely anonymous from our viewers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact staff@selflovebeauty.com. Self Love Beauty reserves the right to own and edit your story once it is submitted to us.
Remember you will remain completely anonymous to our viewers on every platform we share your story.
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