Self-Compassion Series

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Lisa Thompson, CEO of Self Love Beauty

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Molly Black, CEO of Wellness with Molly

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion is extending compassion to one’s self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering.

What is Self-Compassion Series?

This series is focused on self-compassion through non-comparison, embracing and honoring yourself, creating a daily self-compassion practice, and mindfully connecting with yourself. Each series can be stand alone or purchased together for a discount. 

You will walk away with:

  • A focus on one’s self to grow in your self-love and mindfulness practices

  • Tools to continue this throughout your life

  • Presentation and printable PDFs that help you focus on YOU to achieve your goals and visions you have for your life

  • Focus on how to give yourself compassion

The Series Includes...

How to Stop the Self Destruction of Comparison

Implementing Self-Compassion into Your Everyday Life

Mindfully Connect With Yourself

Embracing One's Self

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