Sponsor a School for Affirmation Day

Be a sponsor of Self Love Beauty’s Affirmation Day on Tuesday, May 14, 2019! This day is to promote affirmations and positive mantras throughout our community to not only teach our youth about the importance of positive self-talk but also adults. This will be done by spreading affirmations across businesses, companies and schools on this day. Positive affirmations help us grow in confidence, eliminates stress and improves self-love. Currently only 46% of youth feel they have self-esteem, only 20% feel they have community support and only 27% feel they have a positive adult role model to influence them. Self Love Beauty is looking to work directly with community members to increase these stats so that youth feel support and grow in self-love but also the adults in our community do as well. Your sponsorship will create an impact on our community through support and influence. We need to continue to come together to create a community where we choose love and kindness over negativity. Contact Lisa Thompson at lisathompson@selflovebeauty.com with any questions.
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