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Executive Director and Founder


Lisa Thompson is the Executive Director and Founder of Self Love Beauty. She is an established speaker, confidence and self-love workshop leader and social impact consultant.  

She started SLB in 2012, at a time in her life when she was trying to find her purpose, where she fit in and she was struggling with her own wellbeing & confidence journey. Can you relate? She started this mission based non-profit to share her story of finding self-love & confidence again with the hope of empowering others. She wants everyone to know they are not alone on their journey to find self-love and confidence. For so long, fear, what other people thought and the comparison game kept her from being well the best version of herself, however overtime she has come to love and embrace all her beautiful imperfections.

Join her in growing in your own journey by taking a class, attending an event or working directly with her.

Board of Directors


Misty Janks, President

Michigan Chapter Leader & Facilitator, Our Community Listens

Sarah Maday, Vice-President

Global Mobility and Learning & Development Manager, Nexteer Automotive

Michael Birchmeier

Mike Birchmeier, Treasurer

Finance Director, County of Midland

Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman, Secretary

Account Manager, Amigo Mobility

Marc Kaeckmeister (002)

Marc Kaeckmeister

VP of Regional Sales, Chemical Bank

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Cathy Geiger

Marketing Director, ABC Greater Michigan Chapter

Dominic Moastiere Picture 1-27-15

Dominic Monastiere

Executive-In-Residence, SVSU

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Kayley Lyons

Community Relations, DuPont

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Logan Richetti

Owner, Modern Realty

Self Love Beauty Ambassadors

Jaime Krueger
Sarah Maday
Larissa Crook
Sarah Weisbarth
Catalina Geiger
Gabriella Hoffman
Katie Butzu
Liz Faulk

Kennedi Kasper
Sarah Gilbert
Nolan Rogers
Jessica Larsen
Michelle Chrcek
Marie Hickerson
Rashelle Hecht
Chelsea Ebnit
Lisa Miner

Rachel Hayes
Abby Scherzer
Trisha Williamson
Sarah, Pope
Rochelle Whaley
Stephanie Davis
Breanna Tucker
Kayli Knowlton
Melissa Morse

Tina Wenzel
Rachel Trumble
Aimee Allen
Jeanal Julian
Trisha Borch
Amy O’Connor
Kirstie Mason
Alexa Fuhrman-Sherman
Brittney Phillips
Angie Scherzer

Angie Harrington
Jill Moore
Megan Hansen
Courtney Blank
Kimberly Ayers
Erin Poltorak
Alexis Nickel
Janel Gradowski
Amanda Leddy
Beth Gaertner