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Confidence focused workshops increasing confidence and wellbeing by more than 25% at each workshop.

Individuals with high confidence and self-love, combined with support, tools, and resources, have the ability to reach their full potential and exceed at everyday tasks and challenges.

 Backed by evidence-based informed research to improve social and emotional skills.

Curriculums to build current and future leaders

Workshops are 4-hours long, broken out however the partner needs. Each workshop has a trained facilitator, and provides multiple tool for individuals to walk away with.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • How to gain confidence
  • Ways to use your strengths
  • Positive self-esteem & self-talk
  • Growing in a relationship with yourself

Passion, Purpose & Goal Setting

  • How to uncover your passion
  • Finding & using your core values
  • Creating your “purpose statement”
  • Putting together effective SMART goals

Taking Care of Your Mind & Body

  • How to utilize mindfulness in your life
  • How to practice mindful listening
  • Fixed vs growth mindset
  • The power of being positive

Programs at a Glance

3 curriculums
Open discussions, worksheets, tools to implement directly into your life
Facilitated by trained SLB staff
Supplies included

“Self Love Beauty came at a time when I was in need of building my own confidence and self-love. SLB gave me the supportive community, the resources, and the encouragement to believe that I can achieve my dreams and become the best version of myself.”

“I learned that I was cutting my emotions off from being spoken or expressed. I can now move forward and talk about my problems freely.”