Join Our Youth Ambassador Program

This program is available to teens ages 12-18 and offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a movement empowering others and growing in your own self-love and confidence.  

Join Our Team

Are you looking to grow in your own confidence and self-love journey? Looking to help others? Do you get inspired seeing those around you grow into the best versions of themselves? This is the place for you!

Self Love Beauty is in search of people who want to grow in their own self-love and confident journey while empowering others along the way. 

What are we looking for? We are looking for dedicated ambassadors who share the same mission and core values as we do. They have a passion for self-love, confidence, strength and empowerment. We would like help motivating and encouraging others to find how to become their best selves and share their journeys through our Beautiful Me campaign.

Who can apply? All teens ages 12-18 are welcomed to join us. 


  • Receive your own personal discount code on our products. This discount is exclusively yours and is not permitted for shared use
  • Opportunity to progress and be more closely involved with our mission and followers
  • Exercise and strengthen leadership skills
  • Receive mentoring from our adult ambassadors 
  • Chance to work closely with Founder, Lisa Thompson on ideas, promotions and more!
  • Able to be part of helping others grow in their own self-love and confidence
  • Able to grow in your own self-love and confidence journey 
  • The first to know about new products, new campaigns and new programs coming to Self Love Beauty
  • Help us change the word through spreading love and kindness to those around you but also online 


  • Share the same mission and core values as Self Love Beauty and encourage everyone to share their story and get involved to promote self-love and confidence.
  • Spread only love and kindness online
  • Sit on a committee for a program within Self Love Beauty and influence the future of the organization. 
  • Host 1 fundraising event each year and then choose what SLB program it will go to go 
  • Comfortable or willing to grow in abilities to speak to a group of people or work with someone on a project.
  • Help spread the word of new videos, programs, products and campaigns.
  • Maintain positivity and motivation. Share encouragement, support, and ideas with other ambassadors who we will help you connect with.
  • Must own Self Love Beauty clothing
  • Offer feedback and ideas to Founder, Lisa Thompson
  • Take part in group discussion in our Facebook group

For additional questions contact us at This is United States based only. 

Grow in self-love, confidence and empowerment while also encouraging others

Connect with others in person and online, gain mentors and new friends and help others in your life and online.

Showcase your growth in self-love and confidence to others through our Beautiful Me campaign and online clothing

"SLB has impacted my life because I now have the confidence in myself more than I have ever had. Hearing other individuals stories as well as embracing myself has been fantastic and helped me. Having an awesome group of people to reach out to when I am in need of motivation is a great feeling as well. I love being an ambassador!"

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