Our workshops are based around educating youth on soft skills (fundamental developmental assets). The soft skills they learn and the positive role models they gain from our workshops will help them advance in school and at home, giving them the confidence to become leaders in their community and take on careers like STEM and beyond. These programs range from running for 4-weeks long/1.5 hour sessions to one 4-hour sessions to 1 full day session.

They focus on:

  • Taking care of your body and mind

  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence

  • Discovering passion, purpose, and goals

February, April, October


All programs focus on:

  • Education on effective support & communication

  • Growth in relationship

  • Positive Values and Self-Esteem 

  • Learning through hands-on projects

  • Built to provide growth and education in developmental assets 

“Self Love Beauty is important because it shows people to be themselves and do their best to succeed at life” - Macie, 10 years old