Wedding Self Love Beauty Single Girl

As single women, we’ve all have been there. It becomes wedding season and being the single girl you are, you couldn’t be more excited. You get your new dress out, heels on and you are ready to hit up that wedding.

Being the single girl at a wedding means you can decide how your night is going to go and your entertainment level is always on high.

Here are things that go through a single girl’s mind at a wedding:

  • This is the longest ceremony ever. When is it going to be over?
  • I wonder if anyone will realize I forgot to shave my legs.
  • Is everyone else sweating or is it just me?
  • That is the bridesmaids dress she picked? Thank goodness I don’t have to wear that!
  • Open Bar! Free Booze!
  • I wonder what type of cake they will have? Please say chocolate, please say chocolate… oh the bride picked raspberry, of course she did, way to think of others!
  • I wonder what groomsmen are single.
  • If I catch the bouquet, maybe a hot guy will catch the garter….wait wait maybe Michael that smells like cheese will. Shit, do I take the chance?
  • Holy shit, is that Matt my ex boyfriend from 6 years? Wow thank goodness I did not end up with that!
  • Ohhhh check out the hottie over there, yup I am looking at you….he is getting up, wait he is coming to me…act cool, act cool!
  •  Whew! Thank goodness I acted cool…. Maybe I should have shaved my legs after all.
  • Back to the bar I go!
  • Oh crap…here comes Aunt Katie… I know she is going to ask me why I came single, why did I decide on this dress and tell me how well Lauren and her husband are… Bartender I need a shot, stat!
  • Okay that helped tolerate her.
  • Oh! DJ just put on my jam….time to dance!
  • See Aunt Katie this is why I wore this dress and am single.
  • And here comes the hot groomsmen…holler!
  • Drinks, dance, drinks, dance!
  • And the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella is going home with groomsmen number 2.

Never underestimate how much fun the single girls can have at a wedding!