Sorry not sorry self love beauty

Written By Contributor Writer: Megan Shankland 

I’ve found I have a tendency to apologize for things that are beyond my control. I apologize to customers when we’re out of their size, I apologize to pedestrians when they bump into me and I apologize when someone at my table is rude to a server.

Why do I feel the need to constantly say sorry when sorry isn’t needed? Maybe it’s to fill the awkwardness when the situation is out of your control, something that states you’re disappointed you couldn’t be a bigger help or change someone else’s situation.

Maybe it’s because you feel something needs to be said and an apology is expected from you, even when you’re not the one who should be giving it.

Whether it’s filling awkward silence, or verbal diarrhea, know when sorry is needed and when it’s not.

College major

Let’s get one thing clear. I made the decision to pursue higher education and I also made the decision to major in communications—a conversation and concentration that might not put a smile on your parent’s face right away.

Choosing a major is one of the most vital, empowering decisions you’ll make at college; You don’t need to be the president to be successful in life, you just need a plan.

Know where’d you’d like to end up professionally and take advantage of the opportunities that will help you get there. When your time comes, always take yourself seriously and be confident in the direction you choose.

There will always be voices telling you where to go and what you should do. Take their advice, but always follow the most important one—your own.

Never apologize for the path you’ve chosen, your calling and your passion is unapologetic. 


You might laugh too loud, giggle at squirrels and sob at the season finale of Friends, but that’s what makes you, you. It’s okay to be outgoing and sociable, to be known as the life of the party and sparking a conversation with anyone you see.

Finding who you are is tough enough, it takes courage to let your freak flag fly and not care what others think. Hold your head high when expressing who you are, don’t let other’s opinions dictate how you choose to live your life.

Being yourself makes you unique—that shouldn’t ever need an apology.


If you got it flaunt it. Seriously though. Fashion comes and fashion goes, what’s in today will surely be out tomorrow, but how you dress yourself expresses who you are and how you want society to view you.

Wearing your favorite pair of leggings too often or running for the oversized sweatshirt more than a blazer shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of. If others are put off by your style, they clearly can’t handle your awesomeness.

Don’t apologize for not wearing the top-of-the line style or that turtle-neck that your friends despises. It’s okay to find your own and express that through your favorite threads.

Staying in

So it’s a Saturday night and your friends are begging you to throw back a few, but you’ve got bigger plans and they don’t include dim lights and loud music.

It’s easy to get consumed in the going out groove every weekend—that can get expensive and old. You first reaction might be, “sorry, I’m swamped with work tonight,” but in reality you just need a minute for yourself.

Don’t apologize for needing a night alone without the human race. There’s plenty of nights and reasons to go out, snuggling in and shutting off the world isn’t worth a sorry, your friends will understand.

You’ll make a lot of mistakes, some you’ll truly be sorry for and some you’ll look back and laugh at. But don’t be sorry for the situations out of your control and the quirks that make you, you.