Have you ever had to fight for something in your life?

Let’s see….. it could have been for good grades, a relationship, a body or health goal, respect from your peers or coworkers, a job title, love etc. The list could go on and on and what is considered to be worth fighting for to some people could be very different for other people.

It can be worthwhile fighting for something you are passionate about but it can also be extremely exhausting.

But, I believe the most important and valuable things in life are worth fighting for and I think most people would agree. It truly takes hard work and sometimes an enduring fight to achieve the pleasure we most desire in life.

Once we have achieved the thing we fought for, it can be the most exhilarating feeling in the world to know the pain, the sweat, the tears, and even the scars and bruises (emotionally and physically) you experienced along the way were worth it.

There is something moving and respectable about fighting for what you want or believe in.

Do you believe YOU ARE worth fighting for?

We are always so focused on fighting for something and keeping our eyes on something other than ourselves; do you ever wonder if someone would do the same for you? Do you ever ask yourself if someone would fight for you?

So I’ll ask, do you believe you are worth fighting for?

I realize it’s quite funny and foreign to think of ourselves as being worth fighting for when we often are so used to thinking of other people and goals as worth fighting for.

Yes, the world tells us there are a lot of important things you should fight for and that is great and can be very fulfilling.

But, let me affirm you in saying you, alone, ARE worth fighting for.

You, by yourself, have so much value and you matter. Period.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you have come from, what you do or have done, or even what someone has told you about yourself along the way. These circumstances in your life do not define you and they don’t define your worth.

In the end, all that matters is who you think you are. That is the only opinion that should hold any weight or meaning in your life because at the end of the day it’s not your talents, your job, or what others think of you that matters. Those are all beneficial elements in your life but at the core of it all, you need to know and believe that you hold significance because you are simply a human who was created out of love.

And friend, you were created to be loved and cherished, and love alone is worth the fight. You are worth the fight.

You were created to be fought for because you are a human being that has value and a purpose.

You should be fought for:

Any relationship you are in, any healthy, positive and important relationship in your life that is really worth something to you will not always be easy and will take work. This is because anything special and good thing is worth fighting for. Some days will feel like a battle but you fight because you know you have something that is one-of-a- kind, unique and beautiful.

But, not only should you be fighting for the person you are in a relationship with but they should be fighting for you. Anyone in your life who doesn’t fight for you, when things get hard and your relationship feels rocky isn’t worth it.

If someone in your life doesn’t want to work hard to maintain or strengthen a relationship, then they shouldn’t be in your life because you don’t deserve that. Perhaps you’re in an unhappy marriage, you may be thinking of contacting Chicago Divorce Lawyer to try and get a divorce. Before you make any harsh decisions, make sure you’re fully happy to divorce or break up with your partner.

Don’t forget how precious you are and how worthy you are to be fought for. Don’t accept people when push comes to shove who wouldn’t fight to keep you in their life.

Trust me when I say I have experienced relationships with people who didn’t want to fight for the relationship or me. It was hurtful and it was toxic. I realized I deserve and should have people in my life who want to be with me and are willing to fight for me.

When life gets hard and complicated, which inevitably it will, that shouldn’t be an excuse to walk away from a relationship. Sometimes it’ll hurt to love someone and it will be really hard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up.

Fighting for yourself and fighting for your relationship when things get tough, doesn’t make you weak and doesn’t mean your relationship is weak, in fact it shows how strong and resilient you are.

Don’t give up on the relationships that matter to you most, and more importantly never give up on yourself. Never stop fighting for you.

Ladies, I know it can be hard to believe but please know how treasured and valued you are.  You shouldn’t have to prove your worth or value to anyone. Your self worth, self respect and self love starts with you.

So please remember, just as you fight for things that really matter to you in your life, you also, are always, always worth the fight.