Which pair is your favorite when picking out what jeans to wear? You know exactly which pair, right? We all have favorite foods, favorites places, favorite books and it only takes us a few moments to bring to mind what that ‘thing’ is.

When was the last time you thought about what your favorite characteristic is in regards to yourself? It’s probably been a while, if ever. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time and realized my favorite thing about myself, as a woman, has changed.

So I asked myself along with many special women in my life; What is your favorite thing about being female? And I got some pretty badass answers:

“My favorite thing about being a woman is that I am a superhero. A man never has the capability of growing another human being inside of them.” Lauren Q-L. 26 years old.

“My favorite thing is that with every challenge we face as women, we have the chance to become stronger, fight through the challengers and ultimately have this caring, emotional side that is unbelievably amazing!” Lisa T. 26 years old.

“Discovering my strengths and learning from other women.” Janna R. 28.

“Bearing children. I imagine it would be cooler than watching my future husband go through it.” Jill L. 24.

“Is having the freedom to embrace and express all the different emotions of life. We don’t face the same stigma that men do associated with showing too much affection or too much sadness or too much of whatever else.” Sarah P. 22

“Enjoying the balance of femininity and individuality. I love being able to go from wearing coveralls and working outside to coming home showering and doing makeup and hair all in the same day!” Lauren L. 23.

“I love being the big spoon. I love feeling feminine and powerful at the same time.” Jessica F. 29

“I think my favorite thing about being female is the way that female friendships are formed and maintained. I think these friendships are deeper and more emotional in nature and we gravitate toward other females who will empower us and inspire us to be our best selves, whereas male friendships tend to be somewhat surface level. The way that females are wired to see the mutual benefit of friendships and the value they put on them is fascinating.” Mallory C. 26 years old.

“I believe my favorite thing about being female is when I have a bad day I can always blame it on Aunt Flow.” Sarah B 27.

“Being the superior sex…haha. Seriously though probably being able to grow humans and feed humans. So yeah, being the superior sex.” Chelsea W. 27 years old.

“I love the freedom it brings me. I can be strong and independent, but also ‘girly’ and ‘courted’ by my man. I love getting dressed up but also getting sweaty and muddy, and working hard. I love the wisdom that time has brought me: to realize that true beauty is from within. The outside stuff is just decoration.” Lisa M. 52 years old.

“Being able to carry and birth children!” Christy C. 35 years old.

“My natural instinct to nurture and care for others. My intuition and my sense of hospitality.” Kaliegh T. 26 years old.

“Being able to multi-task. Not just with work but many areas of my life.” Cathy S. 51 years old.

“I love feeling feminine… being soft, having curves. I love having a husband. I love having strong women friends. I love being able to have multiple orgasms and not need a man to achieve them. And I also love being the little spoon.” Calyssa S. 31.

“I think the freedom to define my own sexiness and confidence is my favorite thing.” Katie O. 26 years old.

“Having the ability to express ourselves in a multitude of ways without as much judgement than men.” Diana R. 26 years old.

“Hmmm sounds weird, but having a cycle? It sucks sometimes, yeah, but at least we experience change. If you think about it men just experience nothing, kind of flatline but we have ups and downs hormone wise and lots of changes in our body every month. It can make us a lot more in tune with our bodies I think and the beauty of femininity. And it gives us the ability to carry children which is beautiful and a gift from God.” Erin L. 21 years old.

It was easy for me to think of what my favorite thing is about each of the women I interviewed. I was overwhelmed with emotion to their responses and see the strength within each of them. It was beautiful to see that some feminine traits that women usually have held against them or are taken advantage of like being too emotional, menstruation, or being viewed as the weaker sex, is a source of power and a celebrated part of their feminine identity.

My favorite thing about being female is the calm confidence in myself being a woman and having incredible women my life has given me. I am everything, I am strong and gentle, I am smart and silly, I am beautiful and authentic.

Each of us are unique in our womanhood and what makes us ‘us’ and each of us have many things to be proud of and love about ourselves.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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