I consider running a rather boring activity particularly on the treadmill. I am “forbidden” to run outside because I don’t have the running shoes. Apparently, one needs to have them if one wishes to run outside as it ruins your knees otherwise. Well, then, I am one of those who isn’t that lucky so I run on a treadmill as it’s considered a great exercise. Braise yourselves, I am not a hard core runner I only do little running to raise my heart rate and for a little endurance. I often think that those 20 min or sometimes 15 min (yes only!) are the most boring and the longest minutes of my life, however, filled with goodness for you so they say. There I am pumping my way through my 20 min of running on the treadmill and there’s a point when I go into a ‘zone’. Just run my mind goes blank, I think nothing just run and puff the air out of the mouth and in through my nose. In and out. I reach my own speed at which I continuously run.

Today, I was doing my usual run and gone into the ‘zone’ but this time in front of my eyes there was a sign saying something, for the life of me I cannot remember what it was saying, I was in the ‘zone’.  Suddenly, I thought, that there can only be a perfect letter combination for a word to be a word. For instance, a verb like ‘been’ can only mean what it means and be written like that to mean that one thing. So the combination of the letters ‘ee’ alone wouldn’t form the word been only with an addition of the letters b and n.  Bloody obvious, right? In life, how many times we are told ‘when the right time comes you’ll find the one’, or ‘when the right time comes you’ll get a perfect job’, or ‘when the right time comes you’ll have a perfect place to live’, or ‘when the right time comes you’ll have everything you want’ or ‘when the right time comes you’ll be who you want to be’. And the right time never comes!!!! I can vouch for that. I am the queen of waiting for the right time for everything. The right time has never come since I was, I cannot remember how old! The fact is the right time has never come. What’s the reason? Because the perfect time is now for everything. Well, because looking for a perfect time, partner, job, house, friends are all outside of you. You are already a perfect combination of all the “letters” and all the “words”. We are already a perfect letter combination to have everything we want. It’s all there ready for us to take it, have it, love it and run with it.

However, there’s a problem! If I am perfect I have nothing to fix. OMG I am in panic mode! How is this possible? I have no problems. I am supposed to be happy because I am perfect, right? Nope, that’s not true. We always always always find a reason not to be happy. You know, it actually is a choice to be happy. It’s a choice to love. It’s a choice to work hard. It’s a choice to travel all the time. It’s even a choice to be ill. It’s a choice to get married and be stuck in an unhappy marriage. It’s all about the choice. Your choice. We can all choose our own letter combination. We are free to choose. We are free to decide where we live, what we eat, who our friends are – everything is our own choice. I generally defeat my misery on a treadmill – it’s such an easy fix, only 20 minutes, right?! But it’s my choice. My 20 minutes are coming to an end – thank god I am out of breath!!!! I told you I am not a hard core runner! I actually don’t want to be a hard core runner. I’d rather be a hard core something else. It’s really about the choice. If I choose to be happy I should never complain about being happy. Today is all about complaints and worries and how bad the life is. I choose the happy life and I choose it now and for good. What do you choose?