Your story matters…………I have not been entirely sure that this is true until recently.

Having a varied story with bumps and bruises, I am kind of private about it. There are a lot of circumstances that have shaped me that I am not proud of, yet I would not change. They have molded me, helped form me into the woman I am today. I also am not one to talk about me, my story, my issues so I don’t really tell my story and I likely will not here. Yet, my story matters.

Over the chapters of my own story I have gained a perspective that allows me to hold the esteem of others close and careful. I don’t have to hear the stories of others to know that they have one, everyone does. I can look around the tea house this morning and watch, listen, observe the stories of others unfolding. Connection happening. Everyone has a story; the question is what do we know about ourselves and others based on these stories? And how can we connect with one another through the story of our lives.

Connection, that is what people are looking for. Growing up I read, I did not have a family where meaningful conversations happened, so I read books. Odd you might think yet in the absence of emotional connection at home, immersing myself in the stories of others helped me feel connected to something more than myself, helped me feel not so alone.

I feel the same way today, connecting with others, hearing their stories, helps me feel connected to something bigger than myself. It grounds me, gives me perspective, helps me appreciate the life that I have, creates a space where I grow in understanding of others and myself as I relate to their stories.

This is why YOUR STORY MATTERS. Is your story about you and where you have come? YES, most definitely. Yet is it more. It is an example to others. Maybe your story helps others understand their own more, maybe it gives them hope to overcome, maybe it teaches them something they never knew before, maybe it assures someone that they are not alone, the only one. At the very least, sharing your story connects you to others. And that is what we are all seeking, connection.

So far this morning, (I swear to don’t listen in, people just talk loud enough for me to hear), I have heard stories of: marriages struggling and women encouraging one another through it, work woes and support in speaking up, pride in children and their accomplishment, sharing scripture together and examining what it means, holiday plans with excitement and tradition, concerns of spouses retirement and how this will affect the household………we all have something happening in our lives that we want to share with others. Talking and sharing helps us sort out our thoughts and feeling and maybe even come to a solution or action for ourselves.

As you reflect on your own story, consider the impact it may have on others, how your sharing can create a connection that you might not even intent or realize. Your story matters, to you yet likely more to others.

Written by contributor writer Sarah Weisbarth. As a life coach with Self Love Beauty helping others grow in themselves and connect with others on a deeper level is a natural niche for Sarah. A commitment to providing others with the resources they need to be successful in life has Sarah working and serving in programs related to youth and those that promote self-worth and personal value. Believing that there needs to be balance in life, Sarah is blessed with the opportunity to be active and engaged at home and in her family’s work and activities. She has a deep appreciate for nature and the simple things in life.